Tropical Lei Showgirls Upland California

Tropical Lei Showgirls

2121 W Foothill Blvd

Upland, CA

phone: 909-931-0360


Nude strip club.

18 year olds welcome.

No alcohol. No food.

Everyone welcome.




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This place sucked even before we made it in! We were 3 couples, as we attempted to go in, we were informed of the no cell phones policy, fair enough, we walked back to the cars and left our phones in. As if people really are going to take pictures of the dancers with all the free porn available on the web! Then they told the ladies no purses where allowed.. How anal is that? Then as my friend walked up he was told he could not go in with his bandana on, this was not your average gangster type bandana, we were 3 clean-cut, trendy looking couples with money to send in this place.

We told the guys at the door what they can do with their polices and proceeded to go to another place, literally down the street, where none of those rules existed and we had a blast. It is mind boggling to me that the management of this place failed to see that fact that with all their rules, they made it seem freaky and perverted rather than a relaxed club-like atmosphere. They lost 6 customers for life and about $500. (01/09)

Usually, I try to avoid the places that cater to 18 year olds. While you see it as a hassle, and it is, people do try to smuggle booze in purses, pockets, shoes. The cell phone pictures freak out a lot of dancers. They worry that Mom, Dad or a high school friends will see them. - WOM




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Tropical Lei Showgirls Upland California

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