Gold Club Cabaret Groton Connecticut

Gold Club Cabaret

403 Rt. 12

Groton, CT

phone: (860) 448-1077


Nude strip club.

18 year olds welcome.

Full Bar.

Full Menu.

No Smoking

Stage, Couch and Private dances.

Female Dancers.

Everyone Welcome.

Mixed audience.

Couple Friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

No truck parking.

user rating: C+

No VIP Room.




user reviews:

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Ok I was in town on business and I had been passing by the Gold Club on my way home everyday so I thought what the hell I'll check it out I haven't been in one in a while so I went. Well needless to say I wish I hadn't first of all I'm not from this area (thank god), and I have been to a strip club a time or two so this isn't my first rodeo!

The first problem is the 15 dollar cover charge! at most that club should be $5! my next issue is that there's no room at all! it's so cramped you literally have dancers going outside to get guys to buy dances!

My next issue is the price of drinks I bought a water and a ginger ale and it was 10 bucks! for water and ginger ale! that is highway robbery! and my last and final complaint is the girls! first of all on a Friday night you normally have your A crew working well if this is there "A" crew working then that club needs to hire more dancers! not to mention the girls were to busy talking to regulars or there "hommies" and when they did finally decide to go work all they would do is walk up and say "hey want a dance" with no smile no kiss my ass no NOTHIN! don't get me wrong I know they are there to make money but I would think you would wanna be more personal? not to mention when you do get a dance it's 35 bucks for one song! now they do have two for one specials but that's when all the guys buy em so your out of luck unless you want the bottom end of this "A" crew!

the only two bright spots to this trip was a dancer named Ariel who is cute as hell and very friendly! ( and gives a good dance) and the other girl is the girl from the bar who walks around taking orders and cleaning up! ( honestly she should be on stage cause that girl is gorgeous!) and my final complaint is that I was cheated out of a couch dance that I paid for I paid for two but only got one even though the dancer insisted that it was two ( I think I know what two songs are) I'm pretty sure she ended it quickly cause her "hommie" was there waiting! needless to say I will NEVER EVER go back to the Gold Club AGAIN! I'd rather stay in my hotel and look at porn or drive down to Rosie's and hope that it's stripper night! stay away from the Gold Club it's nothing but a scam and it's not worth the money you pay! if you don't believe me try it for yourself! but you were warned! (08/08)

Sorry you didn't have a good time. Possibly the $15.00 cover charge put you in a bad mood to start with but, I have to say, that much for a cover is not at all unusual. - WOM


Club is very clean, dancers don't do much pole work but private dances Very Nice! (02/07)




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Gold Club Cabaret Groton Connecticut

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