Molly Brown's Daytona Beach Florida

Molly Brown's Strip Club

542 Seabreeze Blvd

Daytona Beach, FL

phone: 386-255-5966


Topless strip club.

18 and up.

Full bar.

No Smoking

Stage, Table, Couch and VIP dances.

Female Dancers

Everyone Welcome.

Couple and Biker Friendly.

No Trucker Parking

Admission: $20.00/non-members, Free/members.

Dance cost: $20.00 and up.

user rating: A




user reviews:

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Went there on a slow night and a busy night. Had a spectacular time both nights. Wonderful atmosphere. Friendly girls. Top notch dances. I can't wait to get back to Florida! (11/09)


Went there during race weekend and had a great time. Got a free pass (VIP) card on first visit, which entitles bearer and guest free access anytime after, which was nice on the second day. The cost was reasonable at $20 per dance in the VIP section. Full touch, except between the legs, which was great for the price. Very satisfied with the experience and would go there again. Ask for Ginger-extremely HOT! (07/09)


I went in Dec. of 07' with 2 friends and had a blast. The guy let me in for free since I was over 21 even though I wasn't local. My two buddies paid $20 each. The girls only get topless on stage, but full nude if you get a private dance. The dances are full touch meaning you can touch anywhere but between the legs. It seemed to be a low key place. Dances are $20/each and like any full contact club, totally worth it! We got there late that night, so it wasn't a lot of girls left, but the ones who were were hot! I wish we had gotten there earlier to see more of the girls! (07/08)


The cover charge is $20 which is to expensive but the Women there are Hot!! One of the best clubs in Florida in my opinion. (11/06)

Molly Brown's is one one of the best clubs anywhere. Pay the $20 cover and thank your stars you live close enough to go often! - WOM




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