2001 Odyssey, Tampa Florida

2001 Odyssey

2309 N Dale Mabry Hwy

Tampa, Fl



Nude strip club.

You must be over. 21.

Full Bar.

Stage, couch and private dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

No truck parking.

VIP room.

User rating: B



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08/09 I had heard from a buddy that this place was really good. I went there last week. It was really good, but certainly not the best place I have been to. The women were all different types and most were very attractive. VIP/SpaceShip was expensive and not worth the money. I am glad I went to 2001 so that I could compare it to the club across the street. No contest.


07/08 I have been here several times and always have a good time! Dances are really expensive ($25/song+$5 "booth rental") but they are full contact. You can touch anywhere but between the legs.

In the past, it was a nice range of girls -- blondes, brunettes, big tits, small tits, slim, thick, etc. The last time I went was early this year and it looked like a new manager may have taken over. 90% of the girls were slender blondes. Much like 20 Paris Hilton's running around.

I got a dance from a brunette with a great ass and it was well worth the $30! If you go early in the day (before 5pm I think), there's no cover, but you have to buy one $4 drink. They stamp your hand so you can come back at night and still get in free, but you have to buy another drink and they are $6 at night.

If you go early in the day, the girls are very socialable even if you tell them you don't want a dance (they aren't pushy at all). We had one girl sit down with us and watch the college football game that was on the big screen TV. At night, the place gets so packed and its hard to move. My only complaint is almost all the girls looked alike last time I went.




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2001 Odyssey, Tampa

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