Shooter Alley, Atlanta Georgia

Shooter Alley Strip Club

5803 Buford Hwy NE

Atlanta, (Doraville) GA

phone: 770-457-0776

Nude strip club.

Full Bar.

Buffet Lunch and Breakfast.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, table, and VIP dances.

Female dancers.

Mixed audience.

Drink cost: $4.50/soda

User rating: D



user reviews:

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09/09 Thought I would stop by and see what this place was like. Big disappointment. Rules on table dancing are strictly over-enforced, so not worth it - even for $10 dances.

The women were average looking and typical for the area - one older blonde white girl, the rest African and Latina. The crowd is overwhelmingly Hispanic & African-American, but that is just FYI, not a pro or con. I love Latinas, but these women were older and not in shape for dancing. None were very attractive. Dances didn't ameliorate that disappointment.

Don't believe the hype. I will not return, but I felt I had to check it out for the WOM.

Your sacrifice is appreciated. ~ Wom




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Shooter Alley, Atlanta

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