XTC Nude Club, Atlanta


aka Ecstasy Club

2159 Piedmont Rd NE

Atlanta, GA

phone: 404-541-0901


Nude strip club.



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08/09 It's what we usually call a jack shack here and there are dozens like that in Atlanta. Some are called 'lingerie modeling' but XTC is called private nude dancing. If you include them, you would want to include the other dozens like that. $50 or whatever for a 'room' for a period of time and the girl works for tips. The bigger the tip, the better the service. Not much different from a massage parlor, but a chair/recliner instead of a massage table. Just FYI.

Not sure how to handle this one. Since it's listed, will leave it there for now. But, no, don't want to list massage parlor's. ~ WOM




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XTC Nude Club, Atlanta

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