Cafe Erotica, Byron Georgia

Cafe Erotica *** CLOSED ***

2972 SR-247 Conn

Byron, GA

phone 478-956-

Nude dancers, 18+, No alcohol, Full menu

Stage, Table, Couch, and Private dances. Female dancers.

Everyone welcome. Mixed audience. Couple and Biker Friendly. Unescorted females welcome. Truck parking.

user rating: C+



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07/09 I was looking for a girl named Cayce Jones that worked here before they closed... anyone know if she went down the road... or if she's got a myspace or facebook

  1. The clubs been closed for over a year,
  2. You left no way for anyone to contact you if they did have info.
  3. You should get a life. LOL

Seriously, dances don't want to be found and certainly wouldn't want their real name or location given out. ~ WOM


07/08 The Cafe has closed. All clubs in the Cafe Risque chain are closing as well. dated 07/01/08.

Not sure if all the clubs are closing. According to the article at "The Cafe Risque chain is selling all of its cafes, Edinger said, in the wake of the 2006 death of owner Jerry Sullivan."

Maybe some will be sold in the current format.

In any case, it's sad to see this, or any club, close. Many dancers have children to support and find it hard to do so without dancing. - WOM


10/07 Was in there last night (10/05/07) was all nude dancing, pretty girls, the listing said topless and last night it was all nude. wanted to update.


02/07 I went to the club in Byron, GA and i went for a private dance, don't u think that y'all would make a little more money if the girls in the private rooms actually took it all off and be true to the ads such as "we bare All" hit me back

Changed the designation to Topless. It's not easy running a topless or adult club. It's probable that the local regulations have changed. -- WOM


01/06 Just an update: It's about $8 to get in, plus you have to buy a drink or buy an item from their SexShop. About $5 (plus drink) if you have a military ID. Some of the girls are good, most/all know how to dance really well. Especially hanging from the pole, etc. However it is not that clean.


11/05 Great Club, Nice Clean very good looking females
Thanks BOB

Glad to hear that there's a club at least somewhere near Warner Robins. -- WOM




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Cafe Erotica, Byron Georgia

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