Strippers Gentleman's Club, Byron Georgia

Strippers Gentlemen's Club

formerly Neon Cowboy

2494 SR-247 Connector

Byron, GA

phone: (478) 956-2232

Nude strip club.

21 and over.

No Alcohol.

Limited Menu.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, table, VIP, private, and friction dances. Female dancers.

freedom to express your emotions behind a window with the dancer of your choice, All sanitaryof course.

Everyone welcome.

Couple Friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Biker Friendly.

Truck Parking.

No VIP room.

Admission: $10.00

Dances: $20.00 to $55.00

Drinks: $3.00/soda

user rating: Average



user reviews:

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05/13 very smokey, very dark, stage too dark to see them well, pushy about private dances, quality of girls is low, if you have one better than a 5 consider yourself lucky, girls there last time I'd rate between a 2-6, most are overweight, older, tattoos, piercings, one good thing there is slightly more touching allowed than other places I've been.


08/12 Good dance got touched in places my wife never would have. my wife will be pissed but it was worth it. 1st timer Tommy


04/12 From the outside it looked like a renovated coin laundry attached to a stop n rob. Once inside its pretty nice and unlike others I found everyone nice except one dancer who mocked me for telling one dancer to keep the change for a 55 dollar lap dance. I had handed her 60 bucks when one girl went "wow five bucks". Sorry lady, but the dance price is high enough. Anyways, once in the booth I received an amazing lap rape from a tight bodied blonde who kicked and thrashed like a government mule. Overall I give the club 4 out of 5 stars. Definitely worth the trip.


02/10 i went there and had a blast. they put 2 girls on stage at a time. my fav was blake and hannah .i did not dance with hannah but i did with blake WOW she touched me like i've never been touched before not even by my wife or past g/fs every time i'm in ga i make sure to go by and see blake I'm so into her the last time i went she was off so i got a hotel room and stayed an extra day just to get to see her. my wife was pissed but it was well worth it. ty blake you are the BEST.


05/09 Wow! Kristin!!!! very hot. I went with my husband for our anniversary, our first trip to a club. I think I enjoyed more than him he acted scared...we will be going back for future celebrations birthdays, etc. Some of the girls were ok were very willing to show the skin! Nice!

He should be scared. Dangerous waters taking a wife to a strip club. Will she get pissed if he has a good time? Will she like it too much! LOL. Seen couples leave with a renewed passion for each other and have seen others leave in a fit of rage. ~ WOM


04/09 I stopped in for 15 minutes. Got a bottle of water, $3. I gave the waitress $5, she gave me back $2, I gave her $1, she was not happy. She wanted both $s.

Dancers a good looking, for the most part. Table dances, I imagine are $10, no touching (at least that is what I saw). There is booth dancing, where the girl and you go in a booth with a door that is very hard to see though (darkened glass). That, I was told, was nude, and was $35. I was told if I wanted to go to the back room, it could get interesting ($55), a dance.

The gal I was talking to was hot. I was tempted and did not .


02/09 This is one of the best clubs in Georgia, they have some of the best looking and attractive women in GA. Everyone is welcome truckers, bikers, and there is plenty of truck parking and great food and very friendly staff.

They offer stage, table, lap and private dances, and there are always plenty of girls on staff anytime of day you go. They are open 7 days a week Mon thru. Thursday 12 noon to 3a.m. and Fri and Sat 12 noon till 4a.m.

It is one of the best clubs that you will ever visit as far as strip clubs go. I would strongly suggest for anyone that is going to be passing thru where this club is located to stop by. It will be one of the best experiences you will ever have at a strip club.


08/08 Nude Dancers, 18+, No Alcohol, Private, lap, and stage dancers. Nude pool. Very attractive dancers. Couple friendly. Full Menu. Clean atmosphere.


07/06 Fairly clean with nice atmosphere. Most of the girls are attractive and can dance pretty well.




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Strippers Gentleman's Club, Byron Georgia

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