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Letters to the Wize Old Man:

12/07 Here's why there is confusion. Lovejoy and Brooklyn are the same! Lovejoy high school is located in Brooklyn. One is a township (unincorporated) the other is a town. They border East St Louis. A lot of fun but you have to be careful, this is not a very good area.


10/06 Ask and ye shall receive.... Here's the Google satellite image with labels, or double click on the photo for a full size view.

Strip Clubs in East St. Louis

It's a rough area. There are two burned out former clubs, one in PT's parking lot and one across the street. They've been that way for a year or two. I think things moved around a bit a while back. Maybe a little friendly rivalry? (More likely locals who object to the clubs being there. -- WOM) The little triangle (PT's, Roxy's, Bottom's Up) isn't too bad, decent security, but you don't want to go on the wrong side of 4th St if you can help it. Lot of unfriendly looking folks, especially after dark. 410 Madison is on the wrong side of 4th.

The name of the area is weird too. St Clair, Lovejoy, East St Louis, Brooklyn, all seem to be the same place. E St Louis is the most consistent.

PT's is very nice. I was stunned. The neighborhood is rough and Roxy's and Bottoms Up are sleazy, you'd expect the same of PT's. Girls transfer between Roxy's and PT's, sometimes in the same night. The girls think going over to PT's is a step up. Lot's of neon, glitz, and well maintained. Sometimes I like the pretty place, some evenings I spend in Roxy's, a bit more... exotic. More tattoos, pins.

Stage rails are where the fun's at for me. Sit at the rail, throw a dollar on the stage and the ladies come over and take you by the hand and help you explore their "allowed areas". One certain area is not allowed (Yes, you guessed it) but nothing else is. Never had that anywhere else, seems a Brooklyn thing. Bring a bunch of bucks.

Well, enough from me. Hope I've helped you in your mission! -- Merlin

-Length rule waived. Thanks for the reviews and the photo. -- WOM




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