Pink Slip East Saint Louis Illinois

Pink Slip

114 S 4th St.

East St. Louis, IL

Phone 618-271-3151

Nude strip club.

You must be over 21

Full Bar

Full Menu.

No smoking.

Stage, Table, Couch, and VIP/Private dances.

Female Dancers

Everyone welcome.

Mixed audience.

Couple Friendly.

Biker Friendly.

Truck Parking

user rating: B





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10/13I Live in Los Angeles, so every time I come to St Louis; " The Pink Slip " welcomes me. The girls are above average, and the drinks are good ! I don't like the area, but the club itself is outstanding ! If I lived closer to St Louis, I would buy into the club !! :-)


08/06 Cheap prices for a lot of fun. Your description is incorrect.

Care to be specific? --WOM


05/06 The Pink Slip is the nicest black strip club in St. Louis yes it may not be in the nicest area but there are 4 other clubs surrounding the club and they all receive business. The girls are also way above average and there is a wide variety from petite to very thick girls. It is a nice club over all cause you can drink, eat, and have some fun in one spot.


02/07 Kind of depends on what you are looking for. 90% of dancers and patrons are black. Place is kind of seedy and not in a nice area. DON'T wander the neighborhood. If you're looking for avg. to below average girls that are willing to get "nasty" then you'll like this.




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Pink Slip, East St. Louis

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