All Star Bar & Grill Lyons Illinois

All Star Bar & Grill

7949 W. 47th St.

Lyons, IL

Near Midway Airport and McCook

phone: (708) 442-8600

Lingerie strip club.

21 and over.

Full bar.

Limited food.

Smoking permitted.

Friction dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Men only.

Biker friendly.

Truck parking.

Dance cost: $5.00 - $10.00

Drink cost: $4.00/beer.

User rating: B





user reviews:

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01/12 Prices for booze are a little up there considering the place is like being in somebody's basement. The girls make up for it though with their great dance grinds @ great price. Actual full songs not 1/2 or 1/4 songs like everywhere else.

$4.00 for a beer is "up there"? The Wize Old Man should be so lucky. LOL ~ WOM


11/07 Not a nude bar or even topless. But these girls grind you hard for five dollars. I have to say this place is great if your looking for a cheap night and a lot of interaction with the girls. They really know the meaning of a dollar. highly suggested




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All Star Bar & Grill

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