Bleu Diamond Showclub, Fort Wayne Indiana

Bleu Diamond Showclub

formerly the Platinum Club

aka Blue Diamond

9439 Lima Rd

Ft. Wayne, IN

phone: (260) 489-5396

Topless bar.

You must be over 21.

Full Bar.

Full kitchen.

Smoking section.

Stage, table, couc, VIP and private dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Truck parking.

Admission: $5.00/non-members, Free for members

Dance cost $20.00

VIP Room: $150/30 minutes, $300/hour

Drinks: $4.00 soda, $4.50/beer, $3.00/well.


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My brother and I went out there last Sunday night. it has changed a lot since the last time we were there. The entire building has been redone adding a vip room, and a covered smoking patio with a game room and private back stage. You can see the show on the center stage from the patio thru a glass window in between the two stages. It looks AWSOME and the new dancers they have are some of the hottest girls ive seen in a long time. Drink prices very really cheep .25 cent long necks.

Couch dances were nice the girls took there time and didn't try to rush into my pockets for more money. Music was all upbeat new music mixed with some oldies, not like some clubs who are all stuck in the early 80s hair band rock. Over all we will be back soon.  (05/10)


 Nice place but it all depends on the girls. They have one that is so sweet and sexy-especially in the couch dance room. Ask for Diva 22-petite-smart-friendly. (05/09)


This used to be the Platinum Club. Every time I go there (once every 6 months), it is different. Six months ago, two girls, nothing happening. 11/08, 5 girls, $5 admission. I was told by one of the girls she wanted $20 for a lap dance. I latter told by a stripper at another club that the girl was trying to gouge me. The price was actually $15 per dance. Most of the girls are young, early 20's, and seem to lack experience. (12/08)




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Bleu Diamond Showclub, Ft. Wayne

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