Brandy's Gentleman's Club, Fort Wayne Indiana

Brandy's Gentleman's Club

3011 W Coliseum Blvd.

Fort Wayne, IN

phone: (260) 484-3991


Topless bar.

You must be over 21.

Full Bar.

Limited menu.

Smoking Permitted.

Stage, Table, and Couch dances.

Female Dancers

Everyone Welcome.

Couple Friendly.

NOT Biker Friendly.

Truck Parking.

No VIP room.

User Rating: B





user reviews:

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12/08 There is a sort of curtained area where the lap dances take place ($15/each). Booths for about 6 couples, and not very private. Most girls are friendly.


04/08 truck parking available at the truck stop across the street. walk over. Nice $ 1 dances at your table.


05/07 WOM, I did some work for you since only living an hour south of Fort Wayne and made a trip there yesterday. Before going I called Brandy's to ask if they are nude and was told only topless and was also told there aren't any nude clubs in Fort Wayne.

Thanks. An hour drive each way on a Tuesday night! Users here are the greatest. There's no way the Wize Old Man could do this without help from users. - WOM


05/07 WOM, I have never been there, but as I stated with another club, there aren't any nude clubs in Indiana. I looked into the matter and a U.S Supreme Court decision (Barnes vs. Glen Theatre) gave states the right to ban nude clubs which Indiana took full advantage of in 1991, Wikipedia, listed under StripClub. So anyone who lists a nude club in Indiana is FOS.

Did you notice that you listed this club as Nude in your review saying it wasn't. LOL.

It would have need a nice service to have indicated if the club is Topless, Pasties, Bikini or whatever. Maybe someone else will visit and let us know. Otherwise the WOM is going to have to visit Ft. Wayne this Fall.

Anyway, the case was decided without requiring the State to show that their bull shit accretions of "negative secondary effects" had any factual basis on any plant here or in the closest 99 galaxies. While the case gave one County the ability to ban Nude Dancing; it's not completely clear that it is an absolute ban. Nude isn't defined in the Court Ruling and the WOM says they ain't nude if they keep their shoes on!

Believe or not, the Wize Old Man hasn't personally been to every one of the adult night clubs in Ft. Wayne and has to rely on user input. -- WOM

P.S. Don't believe everything you see in Wikipedia.


12/06 Very nice club, Beautiful dancers. classy upscale comfortable environment, food drinks and service top quality!

Thanks for the review. Next time you go, tell them their website sucks. It doesn't fit in a common 1024x768 and plays music to alert the wife/boss you ain't working. :-) - WOM


10/05 Very classy and upscale, the women are hot and very friendly. No cover until 6pm.




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Brandy's Gentleman's Club, Ft. Wayne

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