Little Daddy's Show Club, Kokomo

Little Daddy's Show Club

1527 Home Ave.

Kokomo, IN

phone: (765) 452-5753

Topless bar.

You must be over 21.

Full Bar. Snacks.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, table, VIP, and private dances. Female Dancers

Everyone welcome.

Couple Friendly.

Biker Friendly.

No trucker parking.

User Rating: C





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06/11 I dropped into this place at about 3 PM one day and it was pretty much a disappointment. An old girl about late 40's or older met me before I had time to look around and lobbied me to buy her a drink for $5 + tip of course. She claimed to be 39 and hadn't seen 39 in her rear view mirror for 10-15 years. Kept wanting drinks then wanted me to buy drinks for her old friend. Big disappointment. Saw about 6-7 women in the place, maybe one was a 7 at best and that is generous, the rest were well below that and WAY too old to be working in a club; moral of the story, don't waste your time unless you are just literally bored out of your gourd. Or if you do stop in, just buy yourself a drink and don't waste your $$


07/05 Unless you're real bored don't waste ur time




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Little Daddy's Show Club, Kokomo

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