Concepts Show Girls Lawrenceburg Indiana

Concepts Show Girls

603 Arch St.

Lawrenceburg, IN

phone: (812) 539-2603

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Topless strip club.

21 and over.

Full bar.


Smoking permitted.

Stage, Couch, VIP/Private dances. Female Dancers.

Everyone welcome. Couple Friendly.

Admission: $6.00

Dance cost: $15.00 - $30.00

VIP: $150/half-hour.

Drink cost: $4.00/soda, $6.00/beer.

User Rating: Very Good





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09/12 This was the first "adult" type club I had ever been to. First of all, there is no concrete, so that person is full of it. Carpeted throughout. The girls are great, really pretty, so too bad for anyone looking for porno supermodels. Girls next door? That and so much more. Cover charge is little, drinks are not costly. Specials on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You never been to a topless bar before? Go to Concepts. One of the best decisions I have ever made in the last few years. I am going to be a regular customer there. Been there four times, and I am looking forward to at least the next four times...


07/12 My husband and I have been there several times. We live outta state and I've never seen this place as dirty as the guy (below) me says it was. Of course its a bar?? You want glitz and glam you're going to the wrong place. The girls are very pretty and there is no 50 dollar minimum either!! Jeez people if you're gonna review a place at least tell the truth.

Thank you for the update. ~ WOM


02/12 Concepts has to be the worst strip club I have ever been to in my life. You would be better off setting your money on fire than going to this club. I say this as someone who has a TON of experience with this place.

First off, the place is dirty, when I went on this particular occasion (which will definitely be my last) there was dirt all over the place, litter on the floor, gum and beer spilled everywhere it was disgusting. They don't even have carpet. Seriously. Bare concrete floor like a garage in the ghetto. Real classy.They don't even have drywall or paint in several parts of the club. They have some pathetic "boxes" that are supposed to be stages apparently. They charge a cover charge to get in the door, then have an overpriced two drink minimum, and then the girls hound you for money, and if you don't spend 50 bucks in the first 5 minutes you are there, apparently they will kick you out.

Now the girls in this place are pathetic. None of them have any tits to speak of, they are ugly as home made soap, they are rude and have the personality of a rock. I wouldn't have sex with any of them, much less pay them to sit and have a drink with me or give me a lap dance. If fact, the last girl I talked to there, complimented me for being such a great conversationalist, and not being "Creepy" like most guys. I felt like she should have paid me for my company not the other way around. I happen to be a very well educated, cultured, world traveler, ect so perhaps my tastes are somewhat higher than the average client, but trust me guys this place is awful, you might as well go to Covington, or Price Hill and spend 20 bucks for crying out loud.


06/08 This is the only strip club in Lawrenceburg, if you can call a "pasties" club a strip club. Bummer!


10/05 A small club 1 block west of Argosy Casino. The stage dances are ok with some nice face/chest action. But you have to sit on your hands for the pvt dances. They're $15 with some specials through the night. Good bump and grind. Club is wedged between a High School and Grade School, so not too flashy.




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Concepts Show Girls, Lawrenceburg

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