Out House Club Lawrence Kansas


1837 N 1500 Rd.

Lawrence, KS

phone: (785) 331-4409

Nude strip club.

21 and up..


No Food.

Stage, table, and VIP dances.

Female Dancers.

Everyone Welcome.

No truck parking.

Admission: $20.00

Dance cost: $20.00 or $30.00

User rating: B





user reviews:

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This place is real, it exists no question. It is the funnest club I know. They are very progressive, totally nude and up until 4:00am. The girls are very friendly and not too pushy. This place is so small you can see across the room and watch all kinds of stuff going on. You can touch the breasts! (10/10)


They let in (18 year olds) like they did last night. (06/09)

I think you meant to say that they allow those OVER 18 years old to enter.



The outhouse is a BYOB that opens at 7pm-2am Sunday thru Thursday($15 to get in) and 7pm to 4am Friday and Saturday ($20 to get in).

 The dances are 2 songs for $20 or for a $10 VIP bracelet and $30 single song dances. The VIP is different from the regular dance in only the fact that it is more expensive and they take off there underpants. The dances are pretty much full touch.

They have a single stage open on weekdays and on Friday/Saturday they have an second small stage open. I believe going on a weekday is beneficial to getting a dance since the weekend scene is jam packed. A lot of dancers come down from Kansas City and some from the Missouri side so that they can earn more money.

They charge every person who is not getting a dance a dollar for the jukebox every hours. If you ever go and a dancer named Abby is their thank your lucky stars. She has won the Midwest pole dancing contest several years in a row, unfortunately she may have moved on.

You may not have been able to find the outhouse since it is about the size of a tool shed and is in the middle of a corn or wheat field. Anyway the address is correct, its just hard to see on a map. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. -- Pyled (09/08)

Thank you! The review is appreciated! - WOM


Your homework for this weekend is to visit Outhouse club and complete the review form! Extra credit for reviewing more than one strip club in Lawrence. (09/08)



09/08 Thanks for the picture! - WOM

09/08 Outhouse Club is listed at 1837 N 1500 Rd but Google satellite view doesn't show it. Sure could use someone in the area to confirm the club exists and where it is. GPS coordinates would be super! - WOM

Outhouse strip club near Lawrence KS


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Out House Club, Lawrence, KS

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