Viva La Foxx, Covington, Kentucky

Viva La Foxx

326 Scott Blvd.

Covington, KY

phone: (859) 581-4999

Full bar.





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08/08 Thanks to Google's street view, Viva La Foxx is shown at the corner of Scott Blvd. and Park Place. - WOM

Their website says Scott St., the phone company says Scott St. Knowing that phone companies are unreliable and that strip clubs frequently don't have a clue as to where they are, the WOM has the map point to 326 Scott Blvd instead of Street. Interestingly, mapquest actually points to Blvd when you enter Street, suggests Blvd, lists Street for that block. Oh, well...




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Viva La Foxx, Covington, KY

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