Wild Orchid, Bossier City (Shreveport) Louisiana

Wild Orchid

3735 E Texas St.

Bossier City, LA

71111, Phone 318-747-3546


Topless bar.

You must be over 21.

Full Bar.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, Couch, and Private dances.

Female Dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Mixed audience.

Couple Friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Not biker friendly.

No truck parking.

User Rating: C





user reviews:

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I went to this club several different times before I decided to comment on it here to make sure that I gave it a fair chance instead of just going once and having a bad night influence my judgment. This club sucks. The girls are trashy and you can tell that a lot of them just wash up in the bathroom sink before going on stage or giving a lap dance. I got physically nauseated from the smell of one of the girls when I received a lap dance. Out of the 12+ dancers I have yet to see any of them climb the pole and know how to actually work it. The "Eat With A Stripper" thing is not an actual buffet. It's only on Tuesdays. The owner cooks something at her house and puts it in an aluminum roasting pan and brings it up there to serve. Once the food is gone that's it. There is no more. It's $6 a plate. I don't even know if that is legal with the health department. The drinks are $10 and up. Domestic beer is $4 and Import is $4.75. The girls' drinks are $10 flat and you may think you are buying the girl an actual drink but in reality the bartender's know the girls' codes and give them sprite with cranberry juice or water with juice etc. Grant you some of the girls actually get a real drink but the majority of them get water or sprite or something. I'm sorry but I'm not gonna pay $10 for a glass of water or sprite!! On most of the lap dances the girls start when the song is halfway over and you don't get your money's worth. And a final tip for you... if you piss a girl off for ANY reason at all whether it be your just not interested in her or you didn't tip her enough she will have you escorted out with no questions asked. I have never been escorted out but I have sat back and watched this happen to innocent guys. Hope this helps and hope I haven't made anyone upset but this is the raw truth about this club. (05/08)

Of course your review will upset everyone who works there. LOL Hopefully someone who did have a good time will give us another impression. You wouldn't think you need to but there is an art to having a good time at a strip club. Be cheerful and spend some money up front and you'll have a better time. -- WOM




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Wild Orchid, Bossier City (Shreveport), LA

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