Divas Gentlemen's Club Bangor Maine

Diva's Gentlemen's Club

190 Harlow St.

Bangor, ME

phone: 207-942-6969

website - Web site plays music on entering.

Topless bar.

You must be over 21.

Full Bar.

Limited Food.

Stage, VIP, and private dances. Female Dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Admission: $8.00

Dance cost: $15.00 - $25.00

VIP Room $80.00 for 30 minutes with 1 performer.

Drink cost: $4.00/beer.

Rating: C





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01/11 Not that much to do in Bangor so the few native college-aged kids seemed to enjoy it.

I decided to visit Maine on a Friday night, and decided to check into the local club... I originally had problems locating the place. It shares a front entrance with a Tattoo Parlor. Upon walking in I noticed it was a tiny hole-in-the wall club, the entrance fee was $8. Looking around it looked more like a small storage room, ambience was horrible with a bar along the wall and a 12x12" stage on one wall. The club is topless, and while the ladies weren't that great looking a few had some nice personalities.

Private Dances are 1 for $15, 2 for $25. Half hours are $80. I have to say out of all the clubs I've been to, this one takes the award for worst dances, and worst club. I decided to get 2 dances with a latina that approached me. She lead me back to an area of small rooms. The rooms are about 8 feet by 4 feet, with a seat at the end. The only light coming in from the hallway. Not a bad room, and the songs are decently long. The only problem was during the entire dance the bouncer stared into the room and watched the dance. When I mentioned it to her when she asked for a tip afterwards, she said this is normal procedure for this club. I left the club shortly afterwards. FYI I was dressed nicely when I went. Maybe you'll get better service if you show up in jeans and a t-shirt?

* I talked to a dancer in New Hampshire the next night and she lives near Bangor. She walked in and walked right back out claiming it was a very dirty club (not dancers, environment). She'd rather drive to New Hampshire to work.




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Diva's Gentlemens Club, Bangor, ME

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