Gentlemen's Gold Club, Baltimore Maryland

Gentlemens Gold Club

5801 Pulaski Hwy.

Baltimore, MD

phone: (410) 483-3356


Nude strip club.

You must be over 21.

Full Bar.

Full Menu.

Stage, Table, Couch, and Private dances.

Both Male (on Fridays in separate room.) and Female Dancers

Everyone Welcome.

Couple Friendly.

User Rating: A





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04/11 You rank them as nude? Hardly. Girls went topless, but barely showed beneath their bottoms and acted like it was a treat to give you a peak.

If you got a peak, it's nude. ~WOM

Definitely not on a weekday. $30 for a bikini lapdance, for a 3 minute song (and hold you for longer). While insulting you (and your fat wife) the whole time.

Two girls working, with two song breaks in between, staring at an empty stage for 10 minutes. With those two girls sitting with their 'regulars' when they are offstage. And when one does do a lapdance for them (and they bother to tell the DJ), "Ah, that's a five song break". Smooth, DJ.

Stay away. Go downtown. (club name deleted) is much better, even (club name deleted). Hell, there is more and better to look at at (club name deleted) or (club name deleted).


09/09 If you're gonna say the Player's Club is in Rosedale, so is the Gentlemen's Gold Club, 1 1/2 blocks away

It's not really the Wize Old Man that says the club is in Rosedale. In fact it was originally listed here as being in Baltimore. Blame it on Google Maps which says that address is in Rosedale and the Gentlemen's Gold Club is in Baltimore. Guess the line has to be drawn somewhere. - WOM


05/07 News: The previous owner of the Gold Club (1999 - 2002) was recently sentenced to an 18 month jail term. As a result, Internet rumors have circulated that we were closing. Simply put, this is absolutely false. The club has been under new ownership since 2002 and we are not in any way affiliated with the former owner. We will not be closing for any reason or at any time as a result of this incident. One of the reasons why we purchased this establishment back in 2002 was to bring a high class gentlemen’s club to an area that didn't have one. I think our club and our business practices speak volumes in this regard. We will continue to make the Gentlemen's Gold Club the best Baltimore has to offer and would like thank each of you for your continued patronage. -- Management

Glad to hear it! -- WOM


04/05 The answer to your dress code statement; the club is casual not ghetto or gay, it is the best club in Baltimore for men and women. They now hold a male review every Friday night for the ladies on the reflections side of the club while the gentlemen can enjoy the most beautiful women on the main side of the club. This club has the best of both worlds and is a must visit for everyone. The bartenders are beautiful and wonderful as well as the dancers. It is an upscale club with class, the best in Baltimore no other club can compare, -- J

They have a "Champagne" room but fail to say if they serve any form of alcohol. There is also a weird dress code -- "No Tank Tops, No Hats". Presumably, T-shirts are OK but do guys in Maryland run around in Tank Tops? Or is this a male or Gay strip club? No hats? Well, it does say "casual but neat" and the Wize Old Man would consider top-hat and tails as definitely not casual. -- WOM

See management response above. Thanks for clarifying. -- WOM 04/05




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Gentlemens Gold Club, Baltimore, MD

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