Players Club, Rosedale Maryland

Players Club

(formally the Wagon Wheel)

821 N North Point Rd.

Rosedale, MD

phone: (410) 488-4252


Nude strip club.

18 year olds OK.



No smoking.

Everyone welcome.

Mixed audience.

Couple friendly.

Biker friendly.

Truck parking.

Stage, Table, Couch, and Private dances.

User Rating: A





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All the girls are beautiful know what they are doing and make you feel good and very very welcoming (01/09)


If you're gonna say the Player's Club is in Rosedale, so is the Gentlemen's Gold Club, 1 1/2 blocks away (09/08)

It's not really the Wize Old Man that says the club is in Rosedale. In fact it was originally listed here as being in Baltimore. Blame it on Google Maps which says that address is in Rosedale and the Gentlemens Gold Club is in Baltimore. Guess the line has to be drawn somewhere. - WOM


Hey WOM. You got the location wrong. It's right off Rt40, a block East then half a block south of the Gentleman's Gold Club. Nowhere near North Point Blvd/Eastpoint Mall. Can see why you had trouble finding the place. (08/08)

Ah. I see my problem. The club is actually in Rosedale. Thanks for correcting my confusion. - WOM


Great club. Girls are friendly and nice looking. (08/08)


The best club in Maryland. (12/04)

Don't know why, but the Wize Old Man had a difficult time finding the Players Club. Next time I'll print out the map before trying to find it. Not being familiar with Baltimore didn't help and I only rarely get there.  - WOM




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Players Club, Rosedale, MD

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