Irving's, Capitol Heights, Maryland

Irving's Strip Club

5919 Central Ave.

Capitol Heights, MD

phone (202) 207-7267

Topless bar.

You must be over 18.

NO alcohol.

No Food.

No Smoking.

Stage, Couch, and Private dances.

Both Male(?) and Female Dancers

Everyone welcome.

Largely Black audience.

Couple Friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Biker Friendly.

No truck parking.

VIP Room.

User Rating: C





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This is a nice club to go to. I do want to let all the guys know, there was a dancer there by the name of (deleted) who dances with all her clothes on. I thought she looked good and I got a lap dance from her anyway until I started to rub on her butt and there are some type of sores on her ass which is probably why she has on so many clothes when she dance. I wouldn't recommend that you dance with her at all! Might be an STD. (05/09)

Or it could have been any one of hundreds of other things that are far more likely given the location of the sores. Why didn't you ask before trying to trash her? ~ WOM



The Dancers, most of them, will give good dances, but the DJ can be spotty. Other than that, 20 dollars to get in. By the way there are a lot of clubs in the area that are missing from this list like D2';s, Sinsationals, Players Lounge and Bazz and Crue just to name a few. PG County is becoming the Atlanta of the north with lap dances (04/06)

Help us out and send in some reviews on the missing clubs. Clubs don't get listed unless someone submits it. -- WOM.




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Irving's, Capitol Heights, MD

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