Sinsationals Lingerie, Lanham, Maryland


9607 Lanham-Severn Rd.

Lanham, MD

phone (301) 731-7799

Nude strip club..

21 and over.


No smoking.

Stage, and Couch dances. Female Dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Mixed audience.

Couple Friendly.

Biker Friendly.

Truck Parking.

User Rating: Good




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02/12 I can't knock them for trying to make their money but I can warn you. First, the parking situation. This location can be tricky to find but when you do find it do not park in the spots closest to the club, there is a charge for parking there. 100 feet or so you can park for free. I don't remember how much the admission was but it was typical not outrageous.

But what is outrageous is the private dance situation. I hate when the girls are pushy this one as soon as I came in the door said she would give me a deal and blah blah blah. I was stupid for doing it but oh well, nothing I can do now. First you ahve to pay the security $20.00 to go to the private area. No warning when the girl asked for a dance. Then it turns out that it is $25.00 a song in the private area, which isnt that private because the security keeps peeking in. She kept asking are you going to tip me over and over and over. That started getting really annoying. WHen I was done and I was told how much everything was like there is your tip. It was entrapment.

But besides that it was great the rest of the girls were good looking, very pleasant attitudes and easy about the dances. There was one that would have been a lot of fun in private BUT I wasn't going there again. I was like damn if I was going to blow some dough it should have been with that one fun one.

Regardless I will go back will just be a lot smarter than on my first visit.


03/09 This club is nice wit a lot of black females (like I like) which means lots of ass and I personally think Orgasam is the best cuz she is thick wit a phat ass but nice %5 for one song dance and $10 in vip. really nice club recommended if in area.


06/06 Check out India when you go, She is the best!!! Tall slim with a phat ass, and she got the moves to go with it!!!




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Sinsationals Lingerie, Lanham, MD

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