Kings Inn, North Dartmouth Massachusetts

Kings Inn

635 State Rd. (Route 6 East)

North Dartmouth, MA

phone (508) 999-9962


Nude strip club.

21 and over

Full Bar.

No Food.

No smoking.

Stage, table, couch, VIP, private and friction dances. Female Dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple Friendly.

Biker friendly.

No truck parking.

Admission: $10.00

Dance cost: $25.00 and up.

Drink cost: $7.00/soda

No WiFi.

User Rating: C





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07/13 Well I went to the Kings inn Tonight only to get robbed of over 100 bucks. Women took my money to go to the champagne room, only to take it, and never go. On top of that I had to go approach a bouncer about it, and she claims I only gave her 20, even tho I had proof I took out the money from The ATM. So they told me it never happened. Enjoy going to a place with thieves

Gentle reader, the WOM reminds you there are at least two sides to every story. ~WOM


05/10 Take I-195 Exit 11, then go South & eventually turn Left onto Route 6 East to get here. They apparently have a strict no cell phone policy here and expect to be wanded at the door for metal before you enter. The stage dancing is all-nude, but apparently only if there's someone tipping at the railing, which appeared to happen very rarely unfortunately.

The waitstaff wasn't very attentive as at least some of the waitresses are allowed to give LDs both in the main room & the LD area. None of the dancers here were overly attractive, and there weren't that many of them. Most were naturally-busted & young. It was mostly a mix of Latinas & white girls...with one or two black girls thrown in as well.

The hustle factor here was pretty low, but this club is apparently very couples-friendly... with one of the rough-looking customers even openly trying to pimp out his female companion in the Men's Room. I wouldn't be surprised if take-out was available from any of the dancers and/or waitstaff here either.

The club has a strict "touch-and-go" (you touch the dancers & you go) policy posted, but some of the dancers were a little loose with it. The topless LDs were mostly only one-way contact (from the dancer to you) with a pretty good grind. I never got the full details on the VIP area (where it was, how much it was, or how much more contact was allowed).

Wednesday nights is apparently 2-for-1 night. The club's sign says that this place has been "Voted #1 Best Female Exotic Dance Club" (whatever that means), but there really isn't any reason to make a long drive to come here IMO.


08/0r Realllllllldirrrttaayyyyy!!!!!!

You must like real dirty since you gave them a 'B' rating. Personally, I prefer girls who bathe daily. LOL -- WOM




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Kings Inn, North Dartmouth, MA

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