Club Castaway Whatley Massachusetts

Castaway Lounge

aka Club Castaway

US-5 & 10 at intersection of Christian Lane.

Whatley, MA

phone (413) 665-8733

Nude strip club.

You must be over 21.

Full Bar.


No smoking.

Stage, Table, and Other dances.

Female Dancers

Everyone Welcome.

Couple and Biker Friendly.

Truck parking.

No WiFi

User Rating: Average





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02/14 This place was raunchy! The girls didn't dance, they were not very attentive to everyone around the stage and they were rude. Plus the drink prices were outrageous! I will never return to this place


09/09 Club Castaway is not far from the interstate, about 7 or 8 minutes. It's on the left and easy to find.

Went on a Saturday at about 7 PM and did not stay long. Six dollar cover. Got a good beer at an inexpensive price. The music was rock to hard rock. The furnishings and decor seemed nice enough. The clientele were generally blue collar and country.

 An entertainer introduced herself as a local country girl. I said well this is kind of far north, and she said well yes but there are country people in the north, too. True. Guys who go to stripclubs look for different things, I was looking for somewhat more glamourous and slimmer entertainers than what I saw at Club Castaway. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though, and you might find exactly what you're looking for.

I should mention I didn't stay long enough to find whether more entertainers arrive later. They seemed friendly. In fact some of them knelt or crouched to talk to customers from the stage and didn't dance a whole lot. Private dances and a champagne room were available.


06/09 I really miss this place about 10 miles north of Northampton Mass. It has a small town bar feel with the stage and private areas in an open back room. Very low pressure for privates and lots of local regs coming in after work and on weekend nights.

Used to be more full contact with customer's with privates, but dancers are fined if they are caught nowadays. Girls of all types from trailer girls with tattoos and piercings to college girls working one or two nights a week.

Price for booze ok. Girls usually after getting regs more than going after tourists.

Only downside is music comes from satellite TV. It used to be girls had their own music and worked a three-four song set. Girls often complain about what music is playing. Sat TV shows football games. Best to come early evenings during shift changes.

"full contact with customer's with privates". Wonder how many customers don't have privates. LOL ~ WOM


Friendly dancers and employees. (11/06)




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Castaway Lounge, Whatley, MA

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