Centerfolds, Worcester Massachusetts


229 SW Cutoff

Worcester, MA

phone: (508) 756-3361

Nude strip club.

You must be over 21.

Full bar.

No food.

Soking Section.

Stage, couch, VIP/Private, and friction dances. Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Biker friendly.

No trucker parking.

Admission: $5.00

Dance cost: $20.00

Drink cost: $4.00/soda

No WiFi

user rating: Good





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12/13 Updated rating.


07/11 This place is a dump. I dunno if the outside & back of this place is under construction or the site of IED detonation! From the intersection of Route 146, MA-20 & I-90, go just East down MA-20 to get here. This very small place is located 0.2 miles West of the Lamplighter II, which is basically another local dump.

The cover charge at night here was $5, and the drinks started out at around $4. The stage dancing & LDs are all-nude here, but there is limited touching available. The LDs were $20/song, and they were mostly watched by a bouncer in the open, but very dark LD area behind the stage. The dancers here were not much to look at, but the ones that bothered to speak to you were nice enough. I got a few LDs from a couple of local white & black dancers which weren't very exciting. The Asian waitress was by far the hottest girl here! The Lamplighter II up the road gives a much better bang for your buck IMHO, since they allow much more touching during LDs.


12/09 Went on a Sunday afternoon. Centerfolds is on an industrial stretch of road, you'll find Lamplighters 2 less than a half-mile up the road on the same side. Centerfolds appeared to have slightly more business.

As you walk in the bar is to your right and the long rectangular stage to your left. I don't think there was an afternoon cover charge. A bottle of beer was five bucks. Most of the customers were chatting at the bar and watching sports on the wide-screen TVs. The decor and furnishings are okay if you're not expecting too much. There's a lot of seating around the stage. You can sit at the stage or six feet back against the wall on either side.

I don't want to criticize the entertainers but this is a stripclub review site, so I will say that I found the group working that afternoon each to be somewhat overweight, the majority perhaps having been at the profession for a lot of years, and they just didn't do it for me; maybe your tastes are different and you'll appreciate them more. They did dance though, doing their routines and moving around mostly to the rhythm of the music. I think there was some pole work, but not much. Again this was a Sunday afternoon, I'd guess the A-team is going to be present evenings esp. Fri. and Sat. nights, and I couldn't say how good they are.

They have a area for lapdances which is actually sort of private without being closed off either, so that's good. I didn't get a lapdance though and can't tell you anything about how those are. Music was very hard rock.

The clientele was blue collar. Overall I didn't like it, but maybe you will.




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Centerfold's, Worcester, MA

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