Danny's Downtown Jackson Mississippi

Danny's Cabaret Downtown

995 S West St.

Jackson, MS

phone: (601) 592-7000


Topless bar.

Beer only.


Smoking permitted. Cigar Bar.

Couch dances. Shower Shows.

Female Dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple Friendly.

User Rating: D





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Found this club through a web search, went to its website and it looked great. Girls looked promising, club looked amazingly huge, so I thought yup that's the place to be. WRONG! On Friday night at around 10 p.m. there were maybe 6 girls working and none were very attractive to put it mildly. ZERO of the girls from their website are there. The club looks like it has good potential, but right now it sux.

 Anyways, stay away in my opinion. Bad. 'Nuff said. (02/09)

Hardly every will the girls on the website be at the club. Most dancers don't want their picture on the internet so the pictures of the dancers who don't mind tend to stay up after they left.

It's still useful since it does tend to show the type and caliber of the dancers.  ~ WOM


Just went to Danny's Downtown this weekend, and let me tell you, I saw a lot more than pasties! These women will get BUCK NAKED! There were only 2 girls that I didn't see naked all night. Most will get naked for $20! Out of 10 girls, I would say 4 were HOT & the rest weren't too bad. Great time for couples! Also, if you are into girl on girl action, you won't have to wait long at Danny's to see some stuff that will make you blush! (10/05)

What gives? Nude? In Mississippi? Katrina wash all the Baptists out to the Gulf? Might be worth checking out. The Wize Old Man hasn't blushed since Sally Rand did her fan dance at the 1934 New York World's Fair... -- WOM




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Danny's Downtown Strip Club, Jackson, MS

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