Pony Strip Club West Point Mississippi

The Pony

Formerly Dewerks La Rey

1209 Hwy 45 N

West Point, MS (Close to Starkville)



Topless strip club.

21 and up.


Lite menu.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, table, couch and VIP dances. Female Dancers.

Everybody Welcome.

Couple Friendly.

Biker friendly.

Truck parking.

Admission: $16.00

Dance cost: $20.00

VIP: $60.00/half hour, $200/hour

Drinks: $5.00/soda, $5.00/beer, $3.00/well

Free WiFi.

User Rating: Very Good




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01/13 They let me brown bag a bottle of yagermeister tonight... anybody who will let you do that is awesome. the yager is gone, and I'm fucked up, thanks to the pony :) very good atmosphere, fun respectful girls, always down for some fun. if you don't like the pony, you don't know how to have fun.


12/10 my husband an i have been a few times recantly.... Very nice place, beautiful girls, some are standoffish to women but they are kinda young... we love going... it is a packed house EVERY time we go and plenty of girls working..


06/10 Maybe this guy is OLD, but not very wise... I have frequented the PONY in both Memphis and Starkville and it is VERY Couple Friendly, and also Biker Friendly... The girls favor the wife or girlfriend when couples go up to the stage to tip, and it's quite classy... lots of new faces, also, I noticed... Worth the trip...as many as 15-20 girls on a Tuesday...more on the weekends... Features each month, and an occasional male show for the ladies. I enjoyed it.


09/09 If you want to go to church. That's the place to go. They do not alow couples to kiss or dance with one another. Always has about 5 strippers who only pay attention to their boyfriends, The worst place I have beeen ever!!! If you really want to party go to Memphis, TN


01/09 The club is topless, i think they have to wear pasties, but not the those awful looking colored kind. Like many clubs some nights are better than other, they will have featured acts from time to time. Some nights the dancers are better looking than the ones in their Memphis location.


10/08 This is now the pony


01/09 About 1 mile north of highway 82 on alt 45 towards west point.

Is it still a strip club? Is the information above still accurate? More details would certainly be appreciated. - WOM


07/07 Club closed because of owners death. Lowndes county has created a sex-business ordinance which will most likely keep any adult entertainment bar from being profitable (dancers must stay 5 feet from patrons, 1 non-dancer employee for every 12 sq feet of floor space to drive up labor cost). not likely any topless bars will be opening till this is changed.


01/07 This appeared to be closed when I drove by it 1/9/06 (07 ed) The sign was covered, and the building was for sale. Wish another club would open it back up.

The website says "coming back soon". Don't know if that means the web site or the club. (Update 05/07 - Website still says it's coming back.)-- WOM


03/05 It's actually located between Starkville and West Point, closer to West Point I believe




I'm under the impression that the club was actually located several blocks North of where shown on the insert. It's fairly common to show one location for an address entered directly and another location on an embedded map. Since the club is no longer there, it's really moot. - WOM

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Dewerks La Rey Strip Club, West Point, MS

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