Fantasy Ranch Centerview Missouri

Fantasy Ranch

Dream Girls nude stirp club in Centerview MO

Fantasy Ranch Centerview MO

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formerly Dream Girls of Kansas City

phone: (816) 850-5322


Nude strip club.

18 and over.

BYOB 21 and over. (Outside only)


Smoking permitted.

Stage, VIP/Private and Friction dances.

Totally nude hands-on
bed dances in our party bus!

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Swinger friendly.

Biker friendly.

Truck parking.

Admission: $20.00

Dances: $20 or $25.


Monday - Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday - Thursday: 2:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Friday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 4:00 AM

Sunday: Closed

User rating: Excellent





user reviews:

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02/12 This is where the party is at. The girs are great and the dances are well worth it. I can smoke in this club instead of going out side. Will be back for sure.


01/12 Oh Hell yes. This is where the party is at. Cassidy you look so hot with that Valentine suck. Teddy you have skills. This was a party and I will be back. Even the waitress was hot. Poletricks and contact dances. Ride the bus. Well worth it. If you want to throw a party bring it here. These girls are ready to play. Mckenzie love your VIP. I want more dances from you.


01/12 I can finally smoke in a club and drink in the parking lot. The girls are tens and then some. Cassidy can work that pole and your pole too. Oh hell yes. Ivy is tall red headed and hot. Shelby is a wild child thats for sure and that Passion is not afraid to show it. I had the best time. I will be back for sure.

This is the hottest club I have been to in a while. They can touch. BYOB. You can even go out and drink and come back in.

The law that bands Nude, Topless, and under 21 from adult clubs went into effect in August of 2010 has not changed. Dick of Bazooka's Showgirls and other clubs in the area took the case to the Missouri Supreme Court and lost.

Unless they decided to take it to the nation's Supreme Court, nude dancing is not allowed in Missouri, nor is topless dancing.


10/09 $20 to get in, drinks free, no extra charge for VIP room (beds, which are supposedly nude dances in there. The girl I picked danced nude on stage but not in the bed room. I was fine with that she made up for with great grinding, She'd hurt to much she said, I can believe that the way she did it.
I was there at 1 pm on a Saturday, 2 for 1 dances from opening till 8 pm, good deal. There were only 4 girls there and I was the only customer for awhile. Great truck parking, just watch out making a U Turn on US 50 with a big truck.

The place is right on US 50 just east of Pittsville, MO. music is not very loud sometimes to quiet between dances. Had a good time for $100


01/09 Girls are all busty and beautiful.


01/08 Name changed to Dream Girls


06/07 The Fantasy Ranch has two options when you go into the club. A $15 option with no touch lap dances in the main area. All drinks included (juice bar of course). The second is the $30 option with includes all drinks, and hands-on lap dances in the VIP area. When you buy the $30 option, you get a ticket for a free lap dance when you buy one. Lap dances run $20 per song.

By this weekend (6/15/07) they'll have something new. BED DANCES! I'm not sure what the bed dances are running yet, but as soon as I find out I'll let you know. They already have two very small rooms set up for this with beds in them. Lots of people do come here. What they do is bring their booze and leave it in the car. Since the club allows people to go in and out of the club, people will go out an drink, then come back in.

The Wize Old Man has seen several clubs try bed dances with mixed results. Depends a lot on the local clientele and on the dancer. -- WOM




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