Crazy Horse Springfield Missouri Strip Club

Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club

2255 East Kearney St.

Springfield, MO

phone: (417) 866-8785

Nude strip club.

18 and up.

No alcohol.


Smoking permitted.

Stage, and Couch dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Biker friendly.

Truck parking.

Admission: $8.00

Dances: $15.00

Drinks: $2.00 soda

User Ratings: C





user reviews:

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I’m sorry to say this club ranks pretty low on cleanliness, aesthetics, and services. It’s quite small with minimal tables and no servers.

The only real seating is at the stage where a fairly good show can be had if you throw enough dollars on the stage. However, on a Thursday night there were only five girls rotating on the stage and none working the floor. Additionally, three of the five girls were quite overweight.

$8 gets you in, and for an additional $2 you can buy a red plastic cup for free soda re-fills; no alcohol is allowed.

Lap dances are “full grind”, topless only, with no touching allowed and are only available with the purchase of a $15 ticket. The girls do not hustle for dances; you present a ticket to the girl on stage for personal service.

Again, this place is pretty run-down and not well patronized. (04/09)


This club has made some major improvements over the past few months and is working it's way back to the top club in the area like it was not too many years ago. State law caused the loss of the BYOB policy but there is a refreshment bar on premise as well as an ATM that doesn't rape you with charges ($3.00 and spits out a $2.00 drink coupon). Oh by the way it's also the only strip club open on SUNDAY for over 100 miles. $15.00 topless, full grind lapdances. Fun for all 7 days a week!!! (07/07)


Management Writes: We provide totally nude female entertainment to a diverse customer base , IE; Trucker's , Business men, couple's, women, ect... We are a non-alcohol (serving) club , you are though allowed to carry in your own alcohol to consume until 10:00 pm, at which time you must remove it from the building but are allowed to come in and out as much as you like so as to drink outside. Our admission is $8.00 for men, $4.00 for women, $6.00 military w/ID, Verifiable birthday boy's are free as are the bachelor's and bachelor party's of 10 or more get a $2.00 discount off the door. Included in the admission is the cost of a soda to cover your one and only drink minimum requirement. After 10:00 pm we open the lap dance booth's where for $15.00 a song our dancer's provide the most seductive topless lap dance's in the Midwest, promising to be the sexiest fun you will ever have with your cloth's on !!! Our amended bar provides patron's with a variety of soft drink's and chip's , cracker's, candy's, meat stix and smoking accessory's. We boast the largest stage area in the 4 state area ( 500 sf ) and have 2 girl's on stage at a time , where as a patron that puts forth two medial tip's ( one for each girl ) will be rewarded with some of the most erotic girl-girl show's that the law will allow. (05/07)




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