Edge Bar & Grill, Alda Nebraska Strip Club

Edge Bar & Grill

5074 W US-30

Alda, NE (near Grand Island)

phone: (308) 382-1933

Nude strip club.

18 and up..

No alcohol.


No Smoking.

Stage, Table, and Couch dances.

Female Dancers

Everyone Welcome.

Couple Friendly.

Biker Friendly.

Truck Parking.

Admission: $3.00

Dance cost: $25.00+

No WiFi.

User Rating: B





user reviews:

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This is an update to club facts I will visit the club this weekend to verify the facts. (11/10)


It took a while to recover from the recent raid, but I am happy to report that dancer counts are up and high mileage tips and lap dances are back! Last visit a dancer was back from my first review of the club, this time she asked about lap dances. Stage name Jazz, she still gave good value on tips but for laps she was smoking hot! For most of the lap dance... The other dancers were not as hot on stage so they were not asked for laps, had 2 with Jazz. Moral of the story is that if a dancer is not getting laps she had better heat up her stage performance. (04/07)


Good news, authorities failed again to shut down the club.

Last Friday the club underwent a "compliance check" and was found in compliance. But why were DEA and FBI agents required for a simple compliance check? From what I have heard a female highway patrol investigator has a vendetta for this club. After many failed attempts she should give up and pursue real criminals! The bad news, Saturday had only 2 dancers. The other dancers did not come back after the Friday raid. Good news, another attempt by the authorities is gone. The pasties are gone, the club voluntarily went to pasties until the Attorney General overruled this interpretation of the law. I am hopeful that futile vendetta will end, and that good times will return. (03/07)


Went on a Wednesday night, arrived just before 7 but is was almost 45 minutes later before a dancer got on stage. Later I learned from the dancer that she had trouble getting money for the jukebox! What a load of BS! If she wanted to make tips she would better off using her own money to start on time and not anger the crowd for starting late! This girl was the best of the 3 in the contact dancing, when I first tipped I did it gentlemanly but she grasped my hand and guided it to her crotch under her panties! On other tips she would pull her panty aside and put my head in a leg lock with my lips touching her lower lips and said "you can't get away now". Too bad the other dancers weren't that hot! Was never asked about lap or private dances, the dancers seemed more interested in seeking out regulars than a newcomer to the club. I guess it was their loss that I went home with over 200 dollars in my pocket that i was prepared to spend! Next time girls, treat each customer right and you may get more money. (10/06)

Don't blame the club, that's just the way God made strippers. Dancers will say there's no point in coming at 7:00 because there are no customers. Customers say there's no point in coming at 7:00 because there are no dancers there. Both are right.

The Wize Old Man has the WOMDI™ - Wize Old Man Dancer Index. When the economy is good, the educational level of the dancers drop and they arrive later. When the economy is soft, you'll see more dancers with college degrees and they'll arrive early. Start time divided by Highest grade completed equals the WOMDI™. (A high-school graduate starting at 10 PM = 0.8, A College graduate with a Master's degree starting at 7 PM = 0.4) When the index rises above 0.6, you'll start to see fewer dancers that are citizens. :-) -- WOM

Some fun dancers depending on the week.. Good place for couples to visit for a bit of audience flashing. (07/06)




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Edge Bar & Grill, Alda, NE

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