Billy Deans Showtime Cafe Bellmore New York

Billy Deans Showtime Cafe

Billy Deans runway

Runway at Billy Dean's

Bar at Billy Deans

Billy Dean's Bar

1538 Newbridge Rd

Bellmore, NY 11710

Phone: 516-783-0003

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Pasties strip club.

18 and up.

Full Bar.

Full Menu.

No smoking.

Stage, VIP, and Private dances.

Both male and female Dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple Friendly.

Not biker friendly.

No Truck Parking.

Dance cost: $20.00

Drinks: $4.50/soda, $7.25/beer, $8.25/well.

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If you like your entertainers young and new in the entertainment world, this is the club to visit. All our girls are local college students that speak English, which in today's stripclub world is highly unusual. If you are seeking mature, over the hill gals (i.e. the girls that should have hung up their g-strings years ago) then our establishment would be a waste of your time. (06/09)


Club, young college students, No old broken down strippers. Worth the ride (06/09)


I had my bachelor party this past Saturday night. My boys never told me where they were taking me. 10 of us drove from South Jersey I have NEVER have been to a party like this! The girls, management and "Oil Wrestling". I had to write a post to anyone who is considering this facility, YOU HAVE GOT TO HAVE YOUR BACHELOR PARTY HERE! I had the time of my life. We generally do our bachelor parties in Las Vegas and my buddy found this place online. We stayed in a local hotel and took car service. Another one of the guys in the group is getting married in December and we already booked his party that night because it was.......I can't even describe it.....OFF THE MAP. The guys got me in the ring and I got to oil down my girl. My hats off to Billy Dean and Rory. You NEED to open up one of these places in Jersey, better yet franchise! See you guys again in December. PS Ketchum the shot girl HOT, HOT, HOT (11/05)




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