The Ranch, Selma, NC

The Ranch

formerly Dolls Place

formerly the Mustang Ranch

Mustang Ranch Selma NC

Mustang Ranch, Selma, NC

US-70 at I-95

Selma, NC

GPS: N 35 31' 16" W 78 17' 19"

phone: 919-965-9043

Topless strip club.

21 and up.

Full bar.

No food.

Admission: $10.00

Drink cost: $3/70/beer

Dance cost: $20.00


7 days/week 6:00 PM - 2:00 AM







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02/13 "Dolls Place" has gone back to "The Ranch" as the name of the establishment. My wife dances there.

Glad to hear it. IMHO it was a mistake to change from the Mustang Ranch.


02/10 This club has gone down hill fast. I guess they think remodeling is a substitute for good service but it is not. I get to stop in this club once or twice a year and was very excited when I walked in and saw the physical improvements. The place was not as busy, it was a Wednesday night but it would have been nice to see an entertainer on stage but I do not feel like I should have to ask a girl to get on stage. The girls were nice and very friendly but had to wait for my drinks several time because the bartender spent more time on a video game than working the bar. I could not even complain about the lack of service because the bartender was also the manager. I hope things will have changed by the next time I get to stop in and it will be more like the club I enjoyed.


03/09 Very clean club that has been newly remodeled. A very friendly staff with a very laid back feel. I'll revisit.


02/07 The club is in the process of changing their name due to a legal dispute with a club in another state with a completely different venue. Rest assure, it's the same fine club it's been for years. -- WOM


04/06 Nice, laid back club. Nude dancing in a separate room.


April, 2006 One of the few places in North Carolina that have a full liquor bar and also do nude dances. The Nude dances are in a separate room -- $30.00/song or $120/20 minutes. The couch dance room isn't private and there are bouncers in the room (she told me there weren't.).

The bar is in the main area not far from the stage. Lots of friendly and good looking girls, Well worth spending a few hours here.

The rest room is awful. No partitions between the stools. One stool with out a seat.


April, 2006 Me and my wife (sic), porn star Savannah Sky attended the (name changed) ranch Saturday night and had a wonderful time. The drinks were very good with many top shelf liquors not available at other area clubs. All the girls were friendly and polite. there were girls for every taste imaginable. Plan on making this our regular bar.


04/05 I have recently made several trips to The (name changed) Ranch in Selma NC. The "nude" couch dances are just flash shows as you stated. Its $100 for 15 min and $200 for 30 min. Have they lost their mind or what? Anyway, they do still sell alcohol as they are still considered a topless bar. Just thought I'd give you an update for your site. Great site by the way! The other clubs I visit are the Executive Suite in Greensboro and Southside Johnny's in Greensboro. Although they are a good little drive for me a 2 1/2 to 3 hrs! -- JH


05/04 The prices have changed. $10 topless table dances.  $30 topless couch dances... $50 fully nude couch dances... Friday offers what is called showcase, that is where all the girls will give you 2 topless couch dances and a t-shirt that has the club logo on the back for $40...This is also offered on some Saturday nights.  Mainly Saturday nights has $1 table dances.  Tuesdays if you wear the t-shirt you get in free.  ...There is a $200 private dance that is full nudity... for 30 minutes.  Open till 2:30 am.  The girls are very friendly and I personally love the place especially when I get paid. -- DJ

Thanks for the comments. The WOM did edit them just a tad, hope you don't mind. Looks like another trip for the Wize Old Man to check out some of the changes. This club has gone between offering nude dances, to not offering them. Nude couch dances, a 2:30 AM closing would both point to either no alcohol or BYOB.

Second, 2 $10 topless couch dances for $40 ain't a special... well, maybe for the club! The Wize Old Man ain't paying $20 for yet another stinking club t-shirt he has to throw away before going home. Sheeze... -- WOM






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