Beehive Showbar Delmont Pennsylvania

The Beehive Showbar

264 William Penn Hwy (US-22)

Delmont, PA

phone: (724) 468-9953

Nude strip club.

18 and up.

No Alcohol.

Snacks available.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, Couch, Private, and other dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone Welcome.

Couple friendly.

No truck parking.

Admission: $15.00

Drinks: Soda $2.00

Dances: $20.00 to $50.00

User rating: A



user reviews:

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03/09 Well went back as I had hoped to do. It was a definite surprise from the time I stopped in while looking for the place. Hours are from 10AM - 2AM daily. From 10AM till 3PM, it is operated mostly operated as an adult book store. They have 1 dancer available for special dances - lap, love cradle and fantasy rooms.

There is parking for about 20 cars. Another girl comes in at 3PM and several other girls come in at 6PM. They say it is busier between 10pm – 2am. I got there about 6pm, the day girl was just leaving and the afternoon girl was there. I got to talk to her at length because I was the only one there waiting for the other girls and more patrons. The stage area is nice. Chairs around the stage give you a good view of the dancer. The girls make their rounds of the patrons and give a good show.

Lap dances are 1 for $20, 3 for $50 and 5 for $80. Love cradle dances are 1 for $40 and 3 for $100, more intimate than the lap dance. Fantasy rooms go for $50 for each 5 minutes, $300 for 30 minutes. A picture with a dancer is $30.

No alcohol allowed, soda machine, snack machine and cigarettes are available.

Nice place to go for low patron to dancer ratio.


03/09 Location on map is ( Map replaced. Thanks. ~ WOM) wrong. East of Rt 66 on north side of Rt 22. From west must go past and do a u-turn and come back. East of Wagon Wheel (6912 Rte 22) restaurant for landmark. Between Rock Springs Rd and Old William Penn Hwy. On Google earth you can view pictures at street level and see the building.


08/05 Although they have some very sexy dancers, I have noticed that they are starting to slack in that area. I see their dancers going elsewhere more and more. Also I recommend the blonde. Don't remember her name, it was weird like something ...ica but a weird name. I think she works there still also at endzone in State College...




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Beehive Showbar Delmont Pennsylvania Strip Club


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