Foxy Lady Providence Rhode Island

Foxy Lady Providence

318 Chalkstone Ave.

Providence, RI

phone (401) 331-9145

club website

Nude club.

You must be over 21.

Full bar.

Full kitchen.

No smoking.

Stage, couch, VIP, shower, private and friction dances.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Not biker friendly.

No truck parking.

Admission: $10.00 member or non-member.

Dance cost: $25.00 or $50.00

VIP room: $190.00/30 minutes, $300/hour.

Drink cost: $2.00 soda

No WiFi

User rating: C



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04/09 The LDs here are priced oddly at $25/song for a topless dance and $50/2 songs with usually (not always) full-nudity. A full-on LD grind with full two-way contact is usually almost guaranteed though no matter what. They also have a "special" where I think the 2 song nude dances are cut short at 2 mins. each, but you get a free, XL, white "Foxy Lady" T-shirt as well.

The LD room fills up quick though then, and the best, most secluded LD areas are way in the back of the L-shaped LD area upstairs... there are no birddogs watching back there & it's darker. They announce this "special" with an old-time swing song & a parade of dancers coming down off of the stage... pretty much every dancer participates that's not busy. There is an all-nude bar/stage area in the basement of the club... as well as another (supposedly more secluded, sometimes pricier?) LD area along with the ultra-pricey "Skybox" area, which is $300 (per half-hour?). The upstairs Champagne Room is around $190/half-hour, and looked like a ripoff to me IMO.

They have valet parking available here, but there is usually plenty of free parking around nearby. The girls here were mostly pretty, with a few skanks mostly offering "upper back massages" (either private or at your table... not sure of the prices).

They have a TON of waitresses here... so many that it's hard to believe that they all do well per night. This is one of the most upscale strip clubs in RI for sure.

The Foxy Lady is located just North of Douglas Avenue (Route 7) near the intersection of Route 146 & I-95.

The stage dancing in the upstairs main room was topless at two different stages, but I never quite figured out where the "shower stage" was here. They need much more seating during busy times IMO. All ethnicities are represented on the dance staff here... including many Asians!

I still miss the old hot-cream/hot oil wrestling downstairs & the occasional female boxing though. The all-nude room is a nice addition instead though. I seriously doubt that any "extra" fun can be had here without shelling out $300+ in a "Skybox" for the ultimate in privacy. Be sure to ask for what you want upfront first though!!




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FoxyLady Providence


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