Savannah's Gentlemen's Club Columbia South Carolina

Savannah's Gentlemen's Club

formerly Chastity's Gold Club

formerly Crush Gentlemen's Club

3722 River Drive

Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: 803-779-0000

Nude strip club.

21 and up.

Full Bar.

No Food.

Stage, Table, Couch, and Private dances by Female dancers.

Mixed Audience.

Couple Friendly.

User rating: A-



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10/05  On a recent trip to North Carolina, I decided to stop along the way to take in some "night life" along the way. I consulted the "Wize Old Man" to see what was available along the way.

I Decided to go to Chastity's Gold Club in Columbia SC (As it seemed to be not too far from the interstate). I pulled into the club parking lot. The area of town appeared to be a little on the seedy side (although a lot of cities can look that way at midnight). The outside of the club appeared to be a little on the plain side (read cheesy).

I walked into the foyer and paid my $10 cover charge. I walked through the door to the bar area, and ordered my drink. I've paid more and less for drinks, but that is never the reason that you are there. In the bar/topless area and there was no one on stage, so I finished my drink and wandered into the completely nude section.

The lighting was horrible, you couldn't see the dancers very well, and the DJ always sounded like he was hawking a monster truck rally. The girls were okay. There were several 6's, a few sevens/eights, and one VERY solid nine (I don't give tens as there is no "perfect" girl). I couldn't stay long, so I just got the "quickie" in the Champaign room from the "nine". I must say it was the best Champaign room experience that I've had. But then of course that all depends on the girl.

All in all I would say that the club needs a little work on the looks side of things, a bit better lighting, and a new DJ, but the club is definitely worth a stop. (08/07)

A lot of great remodeling has been going on. Topless in bar area with small stage. Doors lead to nude area with larger stage, VIP room, Champagne room. Nude stage, VIP, and Champagne dances. Don't know about the law, but from what I understand they can be nude in this area because liquor is not allowed, only in bar area which is in a separate room. The place looks great and so do the girls! -- tw

Surprised then can even serve Beer/Wine in the nude area. -- WON


05/05 This IS a nude club. The bar is in a separate room, only beer, wine, and non-alcohol drinks allowed in dance area. Liquor drinks must stay at bar. Topless and nude table dances, nude private dances, VIP rooms.



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Chastity's Gold Club Columbia South Carolina

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