Platinum Plus Columbia South Carolina Strip Club

Platinum Plus

361 Jacob Road

Saint Andrews (Columbia), SC 29210

Phone: 803-731-0555


Topless strip club.

Full bar.

Lite menu.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, table, and VIP dances. Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

User rating: A



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04/11 If WOM had an AA rating, I would have agreed.

This club is fun. If you're in the Columbia SC area, hit this club up. It's alive, normally 35 - 50 girls, it does get busy. The girls will come over and hit you up. (Most of them) are really fun, and will not be overbearing. If you don't like, tell them nicely and they understand. If you see someone you like, (and too bashful to ask the girl to visit you), ask any other girl, waitress, hostess and they'll take care of you. The champagne room can be a lot of fun, but (Boy Scout Motto) "Be Prepared". it is pricey.

Complaints (minor), the music is way too loud.... (That's it)....

I've never left this place without admitting that I had a great time with the women.



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Platinum Plus Columbia South Carolina Strip Club

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