Trophy Club Florence South Carolina

Trophy Club

1617 W Lucas St.

Florence, SC 29501

Phone: 843-629-0907

Web site

Topless bar.

Full Bar.

18 and up.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, Table, Couch, and Champagne dances by female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Biker friendly.

User rating: B



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05/10 My girlfriend and I worked here this week for their "Race week". We had a customer ready and willing to spend whatever to keep his friend and himself happy, with my girlfriend, another dancer and myself in two different rooms. This ended up being the biggest cluster-f%@k in club history. Not only did it take over an hour for staff to move a couch into the high-end "champagne room" after we had already paid for the room but once we got in there we were bothered by three different members of waitstaff and both managers once our time did start. Our customer's card was charged the wrong amount by the end of the night and we weren't paid the full amount, being told that we had to wait til the next day. Then upon waiting were told that we had been given the full amount already. (in other words we were ripped off by this club. Not for a small amount either, for over $1260 each). So, girls be warned. Trophy Club of Florence will treat you poorly, and customers be warned the pretty girls are leaving....we are taking them with us!!!!

While it's sad you didn't get your money, the club probably acted reasonably and probably didn't get paid either.

 First red flag is a customer wanting to use a credit card for an obviously unusual amount. Would not surprise me if he reported the card stolen the next day. (Club owners should keep a copy the driver's license, at least then they can say the picture on the driver's license was the person using the card.)

Second red flag,  you didn't want the manager or wait staff to see what you were doing. No club, no where, no how, is going to let a customer and dancer be un-chaperoned. Especially when it's more than one or two dances.





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Trophy Club Florence South Carolina Strip Club

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