Reflexxions Bar Hamer South Carolina Strip Club

Reflexxions Bar

aka Reflections

3027 US-301 N

Hamer, SC 2954

(near South of the Border)

phone: 843-774-9091

GPS: 34 29' 12" W 79 19' 17"

Topless bar and strip club.

21 and up.

Full Bar.

Limited Food.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, Table, Couch and Private dances by female dancers.

Everyone Welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Biker friendly.

Truck parking.

VIP Room. $150.00

User rating: B-


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user reviews:

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03/08 Me and a couple of friends all females went to the club it was a relaxed environment good music nice bar tenders with good drinks. nice mixed crowd. dancers greeted with friendly attitudes and smiles even carried conversations to make you feel welcomed. they solicited to everyone. they performed good and wore nice outfits. we enjoyed ourselves and will continue to go. the dancers are beautiful -BB-


01/05 Wife and I went. We are white, we didn't know that the majority of people (and looks like all dancers) are black. Dancers walked around and greeted and solicited from the blacks and Hispanics, not from the Whites. Most of the dancers were not that attractive. Ten dollar per person entrance fee, and we don't know about the table dances and couch dances cost (some of which occur out in the open, in the back of the room where the main stage is located -- and just next to the entrance). About half the dancers didn't do any stripping at all while we were there. They wore revealing bikinis or other clothing and just gyrated and flopped all over stage. Music was a nightmare. -- jc



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Reflexxions Bar Hamer South Carolina Strip Club

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