Penthouse Club Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Penthouse Club

Penthouse strip club Myrtle Beach SC

2554 US-501 (Jason Blvd.)

Myrtle Beach, SC

phone: 843-626-0192


Topless. 18.



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03/11 (deleted) ... I went with a group of friends and ordered a round of Yuengling beers. After getting ready to leave, low and behold, they charged $5.25 per beer and the receipt stated "IMP" i.e. import. Asked the waitress and she informed me that it means import and this what they charge for Yuengling. I pointed out that Yuengling is not an import, completely domestic (on top of this, it boldly states on the beer "America's Oldest Brewery"), and asked to speak with the manager.... (deleted)

Went on your 21st birthday, did you?

$5.25 for a premium beer in a strip club is reasonable. So what if the person who entered it in the computer thought it was an import. It's still $5.25. Big deal. You're lucky the manager didn't let you leave then have you arrested for defrauding an inn keeper.

Good thing it's not the only strip club in Myrtle Beach as I'm sure you'll never be allowed in there again.

Deleted most of your rant so you won't get sued for slander. LOL

Grow up! ~ WOM




Exit US-501 on to Jason Blvd.

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Penthouse Club Myrtle Beach South Carolina


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