Crazy Horse Rock Hill South Carolina Strip Club

Crazy Horse Show Club

formerly Emerson's

184 S. Cherry Rd

Rock Hill, SC

GPS: 34 56' 23" N, 81 2' 20" W

phone: 803-328-2002


Nude strip club

18 and up.



Stage, Table, Couch, Other dances. Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Biker friendly.

No truck parking.

User rating: B

Hours: 7:00 PM - 4: AM

Admission: $10.00/members, $12.00 guest, $20.00/under 21

Dance cost: $10.00/topless, $30.00/nude

user rating: B


Emersons nude club Rock Hill SC


Emerson's user reviews:



user reviews:

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01/11 Name changed to Crazy Horse Show Club. Still part of the MAL chain.

 07/07  The management may say that t he club has cleaned up, but let me reassure you, it most definitely hasnt. (sic) The first thing one notices when walking to Emerson is the unusually loud music blaring through what must be an open door, but lo and behold the door is in fact shut its just that frickin loud. When the door opens you're assualted (sic) by sounds they could use on terrorist and psychos. Almost as soon as the aural abuse begins so does the smoke. I have never been to a club that choked me so horribly I actually had to give myself a pep talk to enter the door. Inside the Dancer are for the most part bottom rung with way, WAY, too many tattoos and accessories adorning their bodies. I tried to get close to the stage but to no avail. The dances were mediocre at best, and at worst would make even the healthiest person get a check-up after leaving. Granted, I visited on a Saturday night, and it was a little more crowded than usual, but even on a slow Friday I dont (sic) think I would have stayed longer than 30 minutes if that. Now being a York county resident I realize they arent (sic) allowed to change locations, or add on to what they have (due in part to the fact the only reason they are still around in a prudish town is the fact they are grandfathered in), but anything, ANYTHING could only be an inprovement (sic). For the money and time you're better off driving the 64 miles to Columbia or an extra 30 past Charlotte if you want your money's worth.

Sounds like it time for the Wize Old Man to take another trip to Rock Hill and see. Some people like tattoos. And while members of the older generation doesn't like the music so loud, most club managers know that people spend more when it is. (07/06)

If you had a better time in Columbia or North Carolina, why not submit a review of where you had a good time. -- WOM (07/06)


06/06 Why Settle For a Topless only Strip Club When You Can Come To Emerson's of Rock Hill and enjoy Beautiful Women Perform Totally Nude For Your Adult Entertainment Pleasure .Emerson's of Rock Hill is Located In York County S.C. And Is Well Worth A Few Minute Drive From Mecklenburg, Gaston Chester, Lancaster, and Cherokee Counties.


Wize Old Man's February, 2006 visit

The club looked great! Checked the club out on a Friday night. The restroom was clean and orderly and was wallpapered with autographed Playmate of the Month prints. The mirrors were clean. The level of smoke in the club was much lower than most places! The sound system and the DJ were excellent and help create a real party atmosphere.. All of the staff were friendly and courteous.

Physically, Emerson's is a small club but it's a friendly place with a wide variety of dancers. The audience is mixed with Black, White, and Latinos with the dances prices were printed in both English and Spanish. Also a nice age mix of customers so you should feel comfortable if you're 18 or 80. If you find yourself within 50 miles of Rock Hill, you'll definitely find Emerson's to be a treat.

Being the only nude club within 50 miles of Charlotte is a definite plus. Sometimes a 1 to 5 star rating isn't adequate. Maybe Emerson's should be a 3.5. Certainly; for attitude and enjoyment, the club would get a forth star. If only MAL would put some money into the building, this could be the best club in the Charlotte metro area. ~WOM (02/06)


Hello. My name is Jackie. I am a bartender for Emerson's of Rock Hill. I would like to reply to last years comments made about our club.

I know that our club isn't the best as far as looks. The manager and I with the help from some of our staff take time out of our busy schedule to go in and fix it up when we can. We can only do so much. For instance, we have laid new carpet, redone the bathroom floors, redone the girls dressing room, put new TV's in up at the bar area for the sports fans, changed the VIP area a little, and also installed smoke eaters. We come in early everyday to vacuum the floors, CLEAN THE MIRRORS, set the bar up, wipe down the tables again from the previous night, WASH ALL THE GLASSES that only the girls drink out of (customers drink out of plastic glasses), and prepare for a good night. For the statement about our mirrors, our girls do use them to lean on. They do get prints all over them. It does get messy. We know this. It's just hard to stop entertaining after every set and clean them. It changes the mood and could send customers running. That want to stay entertained. When we can find a way to maintain this without disrupting our business, we will.

We also know that all 43 of our entertainers are not 10's. There is a good selection of them that are. We realize that all men aren't for that baby doll look. We try to provide a wide variety of different girls to entertain ALL of our customers. I would say about 92% of our customers walk out with the thoughts that they've had a great night. About 6% might walk out having not enjoyed themselves. (that's okay, we can't please everyone. we understand that.) The other 2% will have been asked to leave due to the fact that they've done something they shouldn't have. So no, they didn't enjoy themselves either.

I guess what I'm trying to get to is come back down. Give it a second try. Maybe your opinion of us could change.

Thank you -- Jackie (01/06)

And thank you for making the effort to clean up the club. That was the only reason the club got a 2 star rating instead of 3 stars. That's been raised pending a revisit. -- WOM


   Since the Wize Old Man's original trip, he's had two emails from management indicating that they are very concerned about the cleanliness of the club and are trying to do a better job. Since the cleanliness was the only thing that prevented giving a 3 start rating instead of the 2 star, the WOM has upgraded the review pending a return visit. Really, it's been over a year and it's time for a return visit anyway.  WOM (01/06)


After reading your comments about our club, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I apologize for the conditions of the facility when you came and would like to assure you we will try to do better in the future (especially the Men's room). -- JM (04/05)

You're welcome and glad to hear you're cleaning up the rest room. That alone should be enough to get a third star. LOL The WOM is looking forward to a repeat visit. -- The Wize Old Man (04/05)


Wize Old Man's Review October 2004

What a dump! The facilities, not the people. The people, both staff and dancers, treated the Wize Old Man well and he had a good time.

The club is tiny, located in a run down building that looks like it hasn't been cleaned since the Rock Hill Buggy Company folded in 1926! The WOM has visited most of the MAL clubs and; while none would come close to a 5 star rating, Emerson's facilities are at the bottom end. Ratings are not exclusively about the facilities, neither are they exclusively about the dancers. The ratings are more about the overall opinion of one person -- the Wize Old Man. Out of pity, the WOM doesn't post reviews of clubs  below 2 stars.  If this review was only about the facility, the club wouldn't have make the list at all.

The mens room had to be the filthiest the WOM has used that wasn't an outdoor privy. Thankfully, one of the few advantages left to men in America today is that we can pee standing up! I'm sure, at some point, that's going to be outlawed and urinals will all be removed and peeing while standing made a $50.00 fine. The WOM wouldn't have wanted to have been close enough to this toilet seat to even "hover" like a girl. (Guys, if you don't know, women seldom sit on a public toilet, they squat or "hover" over it.)

It most clubs where there is a mirror behind the stage, the dancers wipe it before their first song. The mirror here has probably never been wiped, much less cleaned. Don't accuse the WOM of being a clean freak but aren't you suppose to be able to see reflections in a mirror?

Emerson's is a BYOB club and the WOM would suggests you bring your own even it it's only soda rather than using the glasses provided.

Parking is a bit of a bitch. It's behind the club. Enter on the left from Cherry Rd. and exit through the alley behind the club. Hint, when exiting, go left and you're only a couple of buildings away from a paved road. If you go right, it's a long way back to pavement.

Inside, the club is divided into two area. One with stage and tables, the other with a "bar" and the couch room. The stage is very small. Maybe that's a good thing since you can see the "gate to heaven" even when the dancer is at the back of the stage. When they are in front of the poll, it's close enough for a really great view. There are no seats at the stage and only two tables that are close enough to provide that wonderful view. Go early and get the good seats. You don't want to be there late anyway. Most BYOB clubs start to fill up after 2:00 AM when the bars close. The dancers, of course, make the most money then but it harder to get a dance, customer are not as polite and; overall, it usually a lot less enjoyable.

Lighting is good. Sound is a bit loud but ok. Furniture was in good shape but the chairs are very tight for any guy of normal size. You get more "butt" room in an airline seat.

Tipping is a bit different. They do two song sets. First song clothed. Start of second song they go topless followed quickly by completely nude. Until they go nude, you can put a dollar in the garter. Once nude, you have to just leave it on the stage. I mean, it is South Carolina and these girls are probably about 90% of the women in South Carolina that have a vagina so they have to be protected. Another rule made by a bunch of conservative politicians who've never been to a strip club and don't give a damn about anyone who's not an extremely right wing nut cake. Did you know they think that strip clubs exploit women! The WOM should be exploit for $600/night for doing something that basically has only two requirements: own a vagina and keep the fat off.

Now for the people. Everyone, staff and dancers, were friendly and helpful. Enough staff to feel comfortable, not so much as to feel intimidated. All the dancers that the WOM tipped on stage came by and thanked him. Not the best looking group of dancers the he's seen, most had large tattoos and body piercing that distracted rather than enhanced. (Girls, can't you at least take out the hardware while working. Only a woman would want to look at shinny things, we want it au natural.) The girls were clean shaved, most had more tattoos that bare skin.. Mix of black and white dancers. All but a couple gave a good view on stage.

Like so many nude clubs, the best show is on the stage. The dancers tried in the couch room but the lighting is just too dim for a really good show. The couch area is a series of facing seats about 3 foot wide and about 3 foot apart. If the dancers sits across from you, you'd get a really great view if the lighting was better.

What's with the topless dances? The Wize Old Man goes to nude clubs to look at pussy. Otherwize, he'd go to a topless club, get a couch dance from a better looking dancer that would cost less. Sigh... for women to take money from guys is like shooting fish in a barrel. There's just no sport in it.

  Go. You go to a nude club to look at pussy. You can see it here. Until someone opens a nude club in Charlotte, Emerson's can skate by on the poor facilities as long as they can keep girls with good personalities.  (10/04)




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