Pink Lady Clarksville Tennessee Strip Club

Pink Lady

110 Tiny Town Rd.

Clarksville, TN

Phone: (931) 552-0081

Bikini/Go-Go strip club


No food.

Smoking permitted.

Stage and couch dances. Female dancers.

Unescorted females welcome.

Not biker friendly.

No trucker parking.

Admission: $10.00

Dance Cost: $20.00

No WiFi

User rating: C



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07/11 Well, the Pink Lady has been moved to an improved location after burning down from an electrical fire in 2010. It's now at the intersection of Tiny town and Ft. Campbell Blvd. The place is now much cleaner, previously being one the dirtiest Strip Clubs I've ever attended. I’d say the place is about average now in terms of the atmosphere, but still has a long way to go. It’s BYOB, but you pay a fee to bring in your own alcohol. The cover charge to be admitted is currently $10.

In terms of the girls, the turn over for the girls there is pretty high, so you never know what to expect when you walk in. The girls look somewhat average, although they're now trying to be more competitive with Cat West (the main competition which usually has higher quality women). The worst part about the Pink Lady is the dancers stay fully clothed during their time on stage, and during the VIP lap dances. Cat West on the other hand, is a full nude bar.

The only good part about the VIP dances are the fact that you can touch somewhat (touching is prohibited at Cat West), but they aren't very private and the management watches everything. At $20 a song it's cheaper than Cat West, but also somewhat boring in comparison to other places I’ve been to.

As far as my personal opinion, if you’re going to a Strip Club then it’s worth checking out, but don’t go in with high expectations. The Pink Lady and Cat West don’t even come close to Strip Clubs in places like Atlanta, Tampa, or El Paso. If you have the time and want a slightly better environment go out to Nashville. I’d give the place a 6/10 overall.




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Pink Lady Clarksville TN


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