Katch One Lounge Knoxville Tennessee

Katch One Lounge

aka Th' Katch Show Club, Catch One Show bar

501 Omni Ln

Knoxville, TN

phone: (865) 966-4400

Nude strip club.

21 and over.

Beer only

No food.

No smoking.

Stage, Table, and Couch dances. Female entertainers.

Everyone welcome. Mixed, Black, White, and Other audience.

Couple and Biker friendly. No truck parking.

Admission: $10.00

Dance cost: $15.00, $40.00

Drink cost: $4.00

User rating: C



user reviews:

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01/15 I was calling and inquiring at different clubs about prices and this place was the most expensive one, wanting $3.00 per beer that you bring in. Their dances were higher. And I told the girl I spoke with that they were the highest price of all the ones I had called and her response was, "It all depends on what quality of girls you want". Trust me, Ive been to most of them down in Knoxville and havent seen one where quality was any higher than the other. They are all strippers. Plain and simple. Ones as good as the other really. They are all doing that because they cant do much else and cant pass drug screens. Every place I called was nice except for the rude bitch at this place!

IMHO you are wrong. There is a hugh difference in the quality of dancers between any two clubs. Many strippers are working there way thru college. Some are single mothers and getting no support from their child's father. It is really unfair for you to rate a club you haven't been do. If you're only criteria is the cost of a beer, you're not going to like any but the bottom clubs. ~WOM


2/08 This is not that great of a strip club. Cover charge is $10, which is a little steeper than a good number of other, better clubs I've been to. The magic marker that they mark your hand with is even hard to wash off.


12/08 There were lots of beautiful dancers on hand, but few had the initiative to ask if I wanted a couch dance, even if I went to tip them multiple times on stage. The dancers are very polite, however. Anyway, I decided to get a couch dance to check it out, and it was very lousy. The dancer barely touches you. The couch that you get the dance on is also in open view of the entire club. With this apparent lack of quality and privacy at $30 per song, you've just got to be kidding me. Even when you go to tip a dancer on stage, they don't even touch you.

Alcoholic beverages are funny too. You have to walk to a separate bar next door that is ironically part of the same building you are in to get a drink. I am not sure if this strip club's lack of quality is due to the city of Knoxville. I have a good hunch that this is indeed the problem. All I know is that I have been to many strip clubs across America that are much better than this one. ~Buck

It's as much the fault of Tennessee in general as it is any one city. Sad to see a state and/or city have such a fundamental lack of understanding of basic freedoms. - WOM


You buy beer write (right) next door in a little "bar", they put it in a brown bag and you walk to the club. No BYOB, but they will sell it to you :) (05/06)


There is a lady there name pipper i not sure she spell it that way but she is so hot please have her dance for u she will cause u to blow if u not careful she was really hott on my wife (05/06)


01/06 Nude stage dances. Girls will climb all over you in couch dances ($25) and rub against your woody. You can't touch them, but they touch you. I asked if any girls will do anything "extra" and the dancers said no, all the Knoxville clubs were being watched closely so the girls were afraid to do anything extra and get into trouble. But the couch dances are awesome. Some of the best in TN.



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Katch One Lounge Knoxville Tennessee


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