Foxy's Cabaret El Paso Texas

Foxy's Cabaret

1111 Saddle Bronc St.

El Paso, TX

phone: (915) 594-3699

Nude strip club.

18 and up.


Snacks available.

Stage, Table, and Private dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Mixed audience.

Couple and Biker friendly.

Truck Parking.

User rating: C



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Most of the women are really not attractive, but a few are. I visited a couple of times this year for that reason. Depending on the night, two to five are very good looking. I didn't bring in alcohol, so I don't know about the rules. However, don't expect anything more than good VIP dances from the good looking women here. The unattractive ones are more accommodating if you want more. But not cheap. You can imagine. (08/09)


This is by far one of the most crappiest adult entertainment establishments in the country.

This place has girls, if you want to call them that. They are big enough to have there own football team . They have a couple of half way decent ladies . Rating wise nobody above a 6 . management Sucks. to many restrictions . only 6 pack per person somebody always on your back enforcing rules laid down by owner & mgnt. can't go in and relax w/out having to worry about getting thrown for anything minor . But however for a price you can get l**d or b***n or of course the h**d j*b specials . Nadia will f**k for the right price but watch out she's tainted love (f***s the owner dean for her back rent and make up days regularly). passion will let you do anything i mean anything in the back corner for a nominal fee . Bring your protection and watch out for ring worm ,she's known as the lord of the rings. They have specialist galore ,to make up for the not having quality girls.

Sigh... You practically accuse this club of being a whore house but say it's couple friendly! Claim you can get laid but they have too many rules?  You can't have it both ways! -- WOM




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Foxy's Cabaret El Paso Texas

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