Kayak's Nude Club El Paso Texas

Kayak's Nude Club

11470 Montana

El Paso, TX

GPS 31.802521, -106.295027

phone: (915) 821-7930

Nude strip club

21 and up.


No food.

No Smoking.

VIP/Private dances.

Female dancers.

Men Only.

Admission: $50.00

Dance cost:

VIP area:

User rating: Excellent




user reviews:

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01/15 $300 for the works. And yes you only get to pick if there is more than one available.

PS this is their new location. The one on Dyer is no more.


05/13 I love this place. I pick the girl I want and get her all to myself. Truly, a VIP experience. My favorite place to sneak off to during the day.


05/13 The club is on the far northeast side, but worth the drive. The club is behind a car mechanics shop. The building isn't large but it is nice with covered parking.

When you walk in, there is a small comfortable waiting area with a sofa and coffee table with men's magazines. A couple of girls came out, a petite Asian chick and an exotic mixed chick and a Latina. They were friendly and pretty.

 Since they do private dances, I had to pick one (I guess you could get two or more If your pocketbook allows it). Instead of charging for every single dance, they charge a flat rate for either a hour or half hour. Pretty cool.

It's also BYOB. Cool with me, I get what I want and save money. I chose the mixed chick. She was hot, great legs, nice round ass and boobs. She took me to a private room. She was very friendly. I'll definitely be back.



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Kayak's Nude Club El Paso Texas

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