Time Out Tyler Texas

Time Out

13540 SR-155

Tyler, TX

phone: (903) 561-1640


Nude strip club.

18 year olds OK.

BYOB, free set up!

No food.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, Table, Couch, and Private dances. Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Biker friendly.

No truck parking.

Admission: $15.00

Dances: $20.00 Nude, $10.00 Topless

VIP Room: $230/hour

User rating: B



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Time Out’s cover for a Tuesday night was $15. While the club is classified as nude, there was no full nude dancing on the three stages or in the general audience. Also, I saw no table dances occurring in the three hours I was there. However, about every ninety minutes they hold something they call “Show Time.” That’s when all of the girls on duty run around topless and jump on every patron’s lap for abut a 30 second table dance for a dollar tip. “Show Time” lasts for about three songs, so you can get several really good short dances.

The girls are very attractive, varying in size from quite slim to quite voluptuous. All of them were very friendly and eager to please. For total nude action, you must purchase a $20 wrist band for access to the private booths at $20 per song. I was told that many of the girls do not like to perform table dances in the general audience, and after visiting the private booth several times last night I appreciate why — they get very intimate in the booths — it’s well worth the price!

There is a private “den” where the access cost is $100 for the night, but that will have to remain a mystery because I felt my Benjamin was better spent extending the number of songs in the booth. (01/09)

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Interesting strip club. Time Out is located on the southwestern periphery of Tyler, TX. It takes about 20 minutes to get there from I-20. It is midscale and bordering big in size. There were actually about 30 patrons in there on a Sunday night with about 15 dancers. The place is BYOB and the club has resources to accommodate whatever drinks you bring in.

 The cover charge is pretty steep at $15. Plus, you have to get a $20 wristband in order to be eligible to get private booth dances at $20 per song. If you want to be in a big old private VIP room for a very long time with a dancer of your choosing, then you must get a $30 wristband (which is different and completely separate from the $20 wristband), and then you pay the $200 for the VIP room. Apparently, the VIP room is a little better than the private booth dances, but I did not check that service out to be able to tell you first hand. The private booth dances are ok. Some dancers do a much better job than others, and there are a lot of dancers to weed through to find the right one for you.

 As for as demographics, the patrons and the dancers are predominantly white. As for dancer attractiveness, about 5% were ugly, 80% were good looking, and 15% were very good looking. To put this place in perspective, you have to really ante up to come here with the $15 cover charge and the $20 wristband fee before you can even get a private dance. You also have to really shop around for a good private dancer. Even though I classify this as a good strip club, I've seen better strip clubs out there that don't ante up the cost and that have better private dance quality across the entire dancer spectrum.

The $230 VIP room could be a diamond in the rough though. Someone will have to post an addendum to this evaluation to let us know about it later. ~Buck (10/08)


Time Out has been entertaining since 1991. The new VIP is a must see. (03/06)




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Time Out - a strip club in Tyler TX

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