Planet Rock Barre Vermont Strip Club

Planet Rock

127 N. Main St.

Barre, VT

phone: (802) 661-0073

Topless bar and strip club.

You must be over 21.

Full Bar.

Snacks available.

No smoking.

Stage, couch, and private dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Biker friendly.

No truck parking.

User rating: A-

Dances: VIP Room $100/hour




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10/08 I visited this club the other weekend and had a blast!! They have two new dancers peaches and pebbles. they're definitely quality over quantity! Peaches is so natural and made me smile. She dances very well, so well that I took her in for a vip and she definitely made me feel like a vip!! She has a incredible body and knows how to move it!! I want more!! I think the people there should make her a feature of some sort!! She can definitely draw in a crowd!!! She is sexy all the way without the fakeness of some girls... one was named Fantasy or fake as hell!! She was trying to get me to do a vip after I told her I had one with another she talked shit about Peaches and mentioned that she was married!! Who cares!! The girl is sexy and can move I'm not there for a relationship and that made me look at Fantasy like she was jealous, why not work together, I know I'd like to work with Peaches!! LOL

I had a great time music was good and my money was well spent!


01/08 Stage dances are topless, and private dances can be all-nude. There is a local town law though that sez that the girls need to be 3-4 feet away from you when they are disrobed in any way. Skip the VIP experience IMO.




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Planet Rock, a strip club in Barre VT

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