Headlights Chesapeake Virginia Strip Club


Headlights on one side, JB's Gallery of Girls #1 on the other.

1428 George Washington Hwy. N

Chesapeake, VA

phone: (757) 485-5294


Pasties strip club

21 and up.

Beer only.

Smoking permitted.

Stage, VIP/private dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

Biker friendly.

No truck parking.

Drink Cost: $3.95/beer

User rating: Very Good



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10/14 I stopped at Headlights on a tuesday afternoon.

They had a special [.95 Tacos] that were excellent. There were three girls dancing in pasties all very easy on the eyes. I got a topless VIP dance as well. All I can say is WOW!!

I will be going back soon.


02/08 Headlights status: On the bar side, they were definitely walking around on stage in nothing but a bikini bottom / thong. No pasties. I can't speak from experience for the other side. It's really confusing because it's all one building, with Headlights on one side (with stages and a bar), and JB's Gallery of Girls on the other (private dances). "JBs" can be entered from outside or from a single interior door connecting the two.


01/08 I got there too early to check out the JBs side where the private dances are (doesn't open till 6pm). I was told by the bartender that the private dances are bikini only until 10pm, and then they go topless. Doesn't make much sense, but neither does the state's laws. The ladies taking the stage on the Headlights side were topless, and easily a 7 to a 9. I'll have to come back to check out the other side.

Topless? In Virginia? Didn't know females in the Old Dominion State had areolas much less nipples! - WOM


All the JB's are closed now. the one on Independence is gone as of about 4 weeks ago. They've all been closed or changed names at this point. Headlights in Chesapeake keeps the JB name for their full bar side of the club (the Bikini side). (08/07)


This club used to be just JB's gallery of girls. It was bought a few years ago by the owners of the original headlights in Elizabeth City, NC. The club is split into 2 parts. The main part has a run way and bar that has 2 to 3 girls on at any given time. The run way features 2 stripper poles, lots of lighting and speakers placed in a few parts of the club. The Dancers have will dance and strip down to pasties/thongs. The DJ is near the front door. There are is are 2 men's bathrooms. One is located on the JB's side and the other on the headlight side. The JB's side features 2 small tables for girls to dance on in bikini's. One table has a pole. People can sit very close to the dancer as there is no rail. Also, this side serves Hard Liquor where the other side only serves beer. There is also a VIP room between the clubs for personal dances. (08/07




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Headlights, a strip club in Chesapeake Virginia

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