Gold and Silver Roanoke Virginia Strip Club

Gold & Silver Private Club

3121 Franklin Rd SW

Roanoke, VA 24014

phone: (540) 982-5555

Nude strip club.

18 and up.

No Alcohol.


Stage and Couch dances.

Female dancers.

Everyone welcome.

Couple friendly.

Unescorted females welcome.

No truck parking.

User rating: B



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Much better than expected, especially for SW Virginia. Nice looking girls, nude on stage, and quality couch dances. Ambiance of the club is not helpful, but not a dive. (09/08)


 Age is now 18, and the girls skip the pasties and lose the panties a lot (04/08)


No website... kind of a slow place. But that means more attention from the girls ! All the best looking dancers leave at 11:00pm... it opens at 6pm. The more desperate dancers are there until 3 :) $15 to join then 5$ cover for 6 months (11/05)

That's exactly backwards from most clubs. Dancers are usually required to stay 'til closing but may start late. It's always a chicken-n-egg deal. If there aren't enough dancers, the customer won't come. If the customers don't come, the dancers will leave.

The WOM is really curious how they manage to be a nude club in a backwards state like Virginia that's ashamed of the their women's nipples... -- WOM




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Gold and Silver Private Club Roanoke Virginia

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