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Legz Club

aka Leggs Club, Legs Club

#80 Aero Drive

Martinsburg WV

phone: (304) 267-3813


Nude strip club.

18 year olds OK.

Full Bar.

Limited Menu.

Smoking Permitted

Stage, Table, Couch, Shower, and Private dances.

Female Dancers

Everyone Welcome.

Couple Friendly.

Biker Friendly.

No truck parking.

VIP Room

User Ratings: A-



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As this is one of my favorite clubs, I figured I'd give a review and leave pricing information etc. I've been to all of the strip clubs in Martinsburg, and I still like Legz the best over all. In my opinion, Legz is the cleanest and the classiest of the clubs in the area, even if it is a tad more expensive; it's worth it. I used to drive from the D.C. area in order to go to this club, and only felt the drive wasn't worth it once.

Pricing on dances is as follows: Table - $10 Private - $30 VIP/Champagne room - set by the dancer (just so you know they start at $150/HH) They also have shower shows, but I've never watched one and don't know the pricing.

A bit about how the club is structured. Normally before midnight they only have the front area opened, which has a single pool table, and two stages. Stage 1 is up in the corner by the entrance and has great lighting and is a perfect height for watching the dancers. Stage 2 is along what looks like the back wall, a huge floor to ceiling mirror runs the length of it. Dancer's don't start dancing on Stage 2 until about 9PM when the main group of girls come in. There's a nice full bar in this area, tiered table seating and it's my favorite half of the club. Currently (as of 3 weeks ago) the front bar is being renovated so they've had the back room open all the time. The front bar's been in a renovation state since February.

Behind the mirror wall is the back half of the club. They have 3 pool tables, several leather couches looking at Stage 2 (central main stage) an even larger bar, a mechanical bull, a VIP seating area (it's in a balcony area above the bar, I've only seen people there once.) They also have stage 3, which is roughly 4'x4' square with a pole in the middle. The stage is roughly 6" off the ground, and the seating around it is 4 deep leather couches.

On a typical Friday/Saturday night they have at least 20-30 dancers. Currently with the economy in the shape it is, more of the girls are working during the week too, so I've seen 20 dancers on a Monday night as well.

So far this club is still my favorite out of the strip clubs I've been to. (roughly 15 clubs as far north as NY, and South as SC) - jk (06/08)


Food's not bad, although it's limited. Nude Dancing, topless couch/vip dances. (03/07)




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Legz Club, Martinsburg, West Virginia

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